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The BPS produces a wide variety of publications and, through arrangements with various partner organisations, makes available to its members an excellent selection of other useful publication resources.


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BPS periodicals changed from print delivery to digital-only downloads in March 2020.

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New releases

An Introduction to Cyberpsychology (Second Edition)

Out now

An Introduction to Cyberpsychology - Second Edition

An Introduction to Cyberpsychology (Second Edition)

Edited By Gráinne Kirwan, Irene Connolly, Hannah Barton, Marion Palmer.

Copyright 2024. 426 Pages 10 Colour & 6 B/W Illustrations.

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An Introduction to Cyberpsychology provides a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly growing discipline.

Fully updated in its second edition, the book encourages students to critically evaluate the psychology of online interactions and to develop appropriate research methodologies to complete their own work in this field.

The book examines cyberpsychology and online research methodologies, social psychology in an online context, practical applications of cyberpsychology, and the psychological aspects of other technologies.

This new edition has been carefully updated to include additional coverage of:

  • Expanded content relating to major developments in the field and new content on gaming and screen time
  • A new chapter examining the relationship between older adults and technology
  • Cyberpsychology in focus feature boxes in each chapter that examine topics in depth
  • Interviews with professionals working in fields relating to cyberpsychology

Each chapter includes key terms and a glossary, content summaries, discussion questions, and recommended reading to guide further study.

Supported by extensive online resources for students and instructors, this authoritative book is an essential core text for undergraduate modules in cyberpsychology, and an ideal primer for students of postgraduate programs in cyberpsychology.

This book belongs to the BPS Core Textbook Series.

Cognitive Psychology in a Changing World (First Edition)

Out now

Cognitive Psychology cover

Cognitive Psychology in a Changing World (First Edition)

Linden J. Ball, Laurie T. Butler, Susan M. Sherman, Helen St Clair-Thompson.

Copyright 2024. 680 Pages 154 Color & 68 B/W Illustrations

To place an order, request an inspection copy and view shipping options, visit the Routledge page.

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This unique textbook explores core cognitive psychology topics from an innovative new perspective, focusing on key real-world issues to show how we understand and experience the world.

The book examines compelling topics such as creativity, problem-solving, reasoning, rationality and language, all within the context of modern 21st century life.

Each chapter demonstrates how this vibrant and constantly evolving discipline is at the heart of some of the biggest issues facing us all today. The last chapter discusses the future of cognitive psychology, which includes guidance on conducting rigorous, replicable research and how to use skills from cognitive psychology to be an effective student.

Packed with pedagogical features, each chapter includes boxed examples of cognitive psychology in the real world and engaging ‘try it yourself’ features.

Each chapter also includes objectives, a range of illustrative figures, chapter summaries, key readings and a glossary for ease of use. The book is fully supported by original online resources for students and instructors.

Offering a new model for the study of cognitive psychology that brings the subject alive, the book is essential reading for all students studying psychology and related disciplines.

This book belongs to the BPS Core Textbook Series

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The BPS have established six new series with Routledge for a range of audiences including students, trainees, researchers, practitioners and the general public.

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Oxford University Press

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The aim of the society is to promote, advance and disseminate psychological knowledge. To help us achieve this, we not only publish journals but also facilitate free and discounted access to our journals and related articles for our members.

BPS journals

We publish eleven academic journal titles in partnership with Wiley, which can be accessed via PsychHub.

Access to the abstracts is free to all, while online access to the full text is free to BPS members (Student, Affiliate, Graduate, Full and Chartered).

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Wiley journals

As part of our ongoing publishing partnership with Wiley, BPS members enjoy full access to an additional 32 related Wiley journals, plus a variety of related media, via PsychHub.

Non-members are also able to search and view abstracts.

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EBSCO Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection

This collection includes over 300 (non-open access) journal titles covering psychology and adjacent disciplines, plus a further 140 peer-reviewed magazines.

Online access to this content is free for Student, Associate, Graduate, Full and Chartered members.

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BMJ Mental Health (formerly Evidence-Based Mental Health)

From 2023, the journal Evidence-Based Mental Health has transitioned to a fully open access model and been re-named BMJ Mental Health. 

Until this time, the journal was owned jointly by the BPS, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the BMJ. As part of the transition process, the BMJ has purchased the other organisations’ shares in the journal.

To continue the collaborative relationship BPS members benefit from a 15 per cent discount code on the journal’s Article Publishing Charge (APC) to publish in the journal. Visit our Resources and benefits page and view ‘Discounts’ (sign-in required).

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BJEP Monographs

The British Journal of Educational Psychology Monograph Series features contributions from key annual conferences.

This series is a must-have for all those concerned with the psychological aspects of teaching and learning.

Download the digital copies of BJEP Monographs.​ 

Annual Reviews

The Annual Review of Psychology covers significant developments in many areas of psychological study, such as research methodology.

The Annual Review of Clinical Psychology provides comprehensive reviews of significant developments in clinical psychology.

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The Psychologist

The Psychologist is the society's publication which provides a forum for communication and discussion among members.

All BPS members have exclusive online access to The Psychologist, including in our app version. 

Research Digest

Research Digest The British Psychological Society's Research Digest delivers accessible summaries of the latest peer-reviewed psychological research as an integral part of The Psychologist website, and via its Routledge-sponsored PsychCrunch Podcast

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The aim of Research Digest is to provide engaging, accurate reports on the latest psychological research and studies that are timely, novel, thought-provoking and relevant to real life, and which make an important contribution to our expanding knowledge of the world.

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