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Transpersonal Psychology Review

Transpersonal Psychology Review aims to disseminate material relevant to transpersonal and humanistic psychology (including the relationship between these and other branches of psychology).

Scheduled publication frequency:

  • Variable


  • Dr Ho Law

For general enquiries please email [email protected]

For copyright enquiries and permissions requests please email [email protected]

To place paid advertising or to find out about rates contact [email protected]

Submissions may take any of the forms shown below. Authors who are in doubt as to whether their work falls within the remit of the Review are invited to send brief preliminary details to the Editor for advice.

Accepted papers will normally be published in the next issue in which space is available, but there might be some delay.

Individual papers

Individual papers are welcomed in all areas of transpersonal and humanistic psychology. Papers will be subject to peer review. Authors are asked to provide a brief abstract. Papers may be of a theoretical or empirical nature, and may be up to 5000 words in length.

Book, article and conference reviews

The Editors will from time to time commission reviews, but readers are also invited to submit reviews of books, articles or conferences which they feel are relevant to the interests of the Section.

Reviews should normally be between 500 and 1000 words, but longer review articles will also be considered. Where possible, authors will be given the opportunity to reply.

Personal notes (informal contributions)

Readers are invited to send in short comments or notes of personal experiences of relevance to transpersonal psychology. These will not be refereed but will be subject to editorial scrutiny.

Normally such submissions should not exceed 500 words. Letters for publication will also be included. As many contributions as possible will be published in this section, but pressure of space may be a limiting factor.

Assignment of copyright

All authors whose papers are accepted for publication in the Review are required to complete a form assigning copyright to the British Psychological Society. This is not normally required for reviews, letters or informal contributions.

Submission of material

All material should be submitted by e-mail attachment. A clear indication should be given in a covering note of the section of the Review targeted. The format of individual papers and reviews, together with accompanying references, should follow Society’s Style Guide. The Society’s Style Guide, based on the APA format.

A short abstract should be provided at the top of each paper and, if wished, a postal and/or e-mail address for correspondence at the foot. The use of appropriate headings and (where needed) subheadings is recommended.

All textual material, including tables, should be prepared on a word processor and submitted as a single Word document or RTF file. Diagrams, illustrations and photographs should be prepared electronically and submitted in their original format as TIFF or EPS files.

All illustrations and photographs, etc., should be black-and-white or greyscale (not colour) and of a quality suitable for reproduction at an appropriate size.

Please check and proofread all material carefully before submission.

All contributions to the Review should be sent directly to the Editor.

Please note: hard copy subscription to this publication is not available.

Single issues are available for purchase in pdf format via the BPS Shop online. Members of the Transpersonal Psychology Section can download copies of the Transpersonal Psychology Review for free.

For any queries regarding subscription, please contact [email protected] quoting 'Transpersonal Psychology Review subscriptions' in the subject line.

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