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Keeping history alive is crucial to the ongoing development of psychology. Preserving and documenting past discoveries and research allows rising stars to learn from past successes while continuing to develop the profession.

About the History of Psychology Centre

The History of Psychology Centre (HoPC) provides an academic research and resource centre in the history of psychology and, in support of its work, organises events and produces publications.

A review of HoPC was completed in 2022 by external consultants. A number of recommendations were made, many which are already being implemented, to make the archives more accessible and engaging.

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History of Psychology Centre

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The history of the society

We keep a comprehensive online history of the BPS from its formation in 1901 to the present day.

To explore our history in greater detail, we recommend reading a number of our online articles, which can be accessed below.

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You can also view a chronology of psychology in Britain

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History of Psychology Centre

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