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Psychotherapy Section Review

The Section and its publication, Psychotherapy Section Review, is the main forum within the Society for psychologists and others who share an interest in psychotherapeutic psychology.

It is concerned with the relationship between psychotherapy and psychology, and seeks to further an understanding of how social and cultural factors have a bearing upon psychotherapeutic theory and practice.

Scheduled publication frequency:

  • Variable


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Would you like to share your ideas or professional concerns with a wide range of colleagues?

Writing for the Psychotherapy Section Review is an ideal opportunity to begin your professional writing career with something that is informal, even witty or funny, a short piece that is a report of an event, a report about practice, a research report, a review of the literature, a review of a book or film, a reply to an earlier article published here, or stray thoughts that you have managed to capture on paper.

Accounts of innovations, research findings concerning existing practice, policy issues affecting psychotherapy, and discussions of conceptual developments are all relevant.

Psychotherapy with clients, users, professional teams, or community groups fall within our range as do articles about psychotherapy education and training. Critiques, in the form of articles or letters on any aspect of psychological or psychotherapeutic research, theory or practice, are always welcome.

Contributions from Psychotherapy Section members and non-members on any topics related to psychotherapy is welcome.


Full-length articles of up to 10,000 words, should show the context of practice or research and relate this to existing knowledge. We also accept brief contributions which need focus only on the issue at hand: brief descriptions, reviews, personal reports of workshops or events attended, humorous asides, letters and correspondence.


Articles, letters, etc., should ideally be in Word, open document or plain text format and forwarded as an email attachment to the editor.

Hard copy subscriptions are not available for this publication.

Single issues are available for purchase in pdf format via the BPS Shop online.

Members of the Psychotherapy Section can download copies of the review for free.

For queries regarding subscription please contact [email protected] quoting 'Psychotherapy Section Review subscriptions' in the subject line.

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