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Psych Talk

Psychology for students, by students

Each issue of Psych Talk features a collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at university.

Psych Talk welcomes contributions relating to any area of psychology.

Examples of contributions include:

  • Book reviews (new/text books/psychology classics/reference/psych-related fiction)
  • General interest articles
  • Work and placement experiences
  • Reviews of recent research/contemporary re-analysis of classic research
  • Conference reports
  • Course and job application experiences
  • Interviews with psychologists/researchers/academics (with accompanying digital photos)

Manuscripts should be submitted by email in English in font Times New Roman, size 12, regularly aligned to the left as a Word file attachment, for the attention of the Psych-Talk Editor at: [email protected].

All articles are reviewed by the Editor, and are accepted at her discretion. Minor revisions may be made with regard to accuracy/grammar. If major revisions are required, the piece will be returned to the author(s) with clear guidelines.

All manuscripts published in Psych-Talk are published on the understanding that the said work is that of the submitting author(s). Articles published in Psych-Talk should not be taken to reflect the view of the Student Group, nor the British Psychological Society.

No liability for breach of copyright will be incurred by Psych-Talk, the Student Group, or the British Psychological Society. Information provided in Psych-Talk is not absolute; it should, therefore, be verified by affirmation with the appropriate independent body.

Please think about style of writing and the audience you are writing for. Keep it concise, informative and engaging – less essay, more journalism.

Your submission should be accessible to a very broad student readership who should not be assumed to have any specialist knowledge.

Articles should not exceed 1000 words in the first instance. If more is needed, you will be informed!

The best articles will come with around 100 words of ‘extra’ information that can be boxed off and placed next to the main body of text – for example, interesting stats or information about the topic, including details of books/websites for those readers seeking further information.

All reviews should total a maximum of 250 words in length.

Please include the author's name, full book title, publisher and publication date.


Are to include a main title and subtitle. Please also include details of your university/place of work/job description/contact details, as you would like them to appear in print.


Should be kept to a reasonable minimum, and should follow the British Psychological Society Style Guide.

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