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We’re always looking for new talent and you might just find your next exciting career move with us.

We’re proud of our positive and inclusive work culture, which helps us to achieve our vision of supporting, representing and promoting both psychology and psychologists.

Our holidays are generous, as are our pension and sickness policies, and we’re big believers in remote and flexible working to make our roles as accommodating as possible.

For all posts, exposure to membership/professional associations, higher education, or the charity/not for profit sector would be an advantage.

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Career opportunities

The following roles advertised are for internal positions within the society.

These positions, unless specified otherwise, will be based at either our Leicester or London offices.

Service contracts and consultancy positions

The following listed opportunities are not staff posts and therefore are not subject to the society's general terms and conditions of employment

Voluntary posts

The following listed 0pportunities are not remunerated and therefore are not subject to the society's general terms and conditions of employment.

These positions, unless specified otherwise, will be based at either our Leicester or London offices.

Ongoing positions

Terms and conditions


Salaries are paid monthly into a bank account and are reviewed annually against the cost of living on 1 January.

Individual salaries are subject to an annual incremental review in August.


Full-time hours are 35 per week, normally between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Normal hours are not relevant to some jobs, where different patterns of work, attendance at committees or conferences etc. are required.

Unless informed otherwise, staff may be eligible for time off in lieu of any agreed additional hours worked.

There is a flexible working hours scheme for staff.


Basic holiday entitlements based on completed years of service:

  • 0 years: 20 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 1 years: 20 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 2 years: 21 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 3 years: 22 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 4 years: 23 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 5 years: 24 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 6 years: 25 (pro rata) days per annum
  • 6+ years: 20 (pro rata) days per annum

In addition, the society allocates a further six days each year (over and above the basic entitlement and the statutory holidays).

These are normally the Tuesdays immediately following the Spring and Late Summer Bank Holidays, plus four days between Christmas and New Year.

The dates of these are notified at the start of each year.

The leave year commences on 1 January each year.

Leave accrues at one-twelfth the annual entitlement for each complete calendar month of service. Unused leave is not normally permitted to be carried over.

There may be restrictions applied to taking leave in some jobs at certain times of the year (e.g. between the New Year and the Annual Conference in April)


New starters need to inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions prior to taking up their appointments.

To qualify for sickness payments, sickness absence needs to be certificated. Self-certification applies to the first 7 days, with Doctor’s notes needed beyond this time period. 

Statutory sickness payments are made up by the society to full/half pay as follows.

Length of service/Statutory Sickness Benefit:

  • From four to six months service: one month's full pay

  • From six months to one years’ service: one month full pay (this is not in addition to the one month, if such is taken, in the period above) and one month half pay

  • During the second year of service: two months' full pay and two months' half pay

  • During the third year of service: three months' full pay and three months' half pay

  • During the fourth year of service: four months' full pay and four months' half pay

  • During the fifth year of service: five months' full pay and five months' half pay

  • During the sixth year of service: six months' full pay and six months' half pay


The society conforms to the statutory provisions on maternity leave, but enhances the Maternity Pay to their normal salary for the first 20 weeks of their Maternity Leave.

Male staff may be granted up to two weeks paternity leave.


All appointments are normally subject to satisfactory references and to successful completion of a probationary period - this is normally three months.

A one-month notice period on either side applies during the first 5 years of service.

After 5 years continuous service, the notice from the society rises by one week per year, up to a maximum total of 12 weeks after 12 years service.


The society offers the opportunity to join a group personal pension plan to all permanent members of staff.

Members contribute at least 4% of their salary (but can contribute up to the Inland Revenue limits), the society contributes:

Age / Contribution (% of salary)

  • 18-24: 4%
  • 25-29: 6%
  • 30-34: 8%
  • 35+: 10%

The society operates a group life insurance scheme for all permanent staff.

A payment of three times the individual’s salary is made to the nominated beneficiary(s). This is a non-contributory scheme.

Health and Safety

The society concerns itself with the Health and Safety of all staff, visitors and others who may be affected by its activities.

A full policy and procedures are in place, and staff are required to ensure that they comply with these.

The society operates a no smoking policy in its premises.

Training and Development

All staff are encouraged to develop themselves in their jobs, careers and lives.

Where training or educational courses are beneficial, and these are relevant to the needs of the job and the society, then the cost of fees and examinations may be borne by the society.

Equal Opportunities

The society is particularly concerned to ensure equal opportunities apply in all its activities, and carries out monitoring processes.

Car Parking

The society does not have parking facilities.

Other Terms

Other terms not mentioned here are included in individual contracts.