BPS Journals – Ordering Process for Printed Copies

As a BPS member you are eligible to take advantage of Wiley’s print-on-demand (POD) service for the BPS Journals.

The process is managed by Sheridan, Wiley’s printer based in the United States.

Below you will find full ordering instructions, the pricing and discount code details which are required when placing an order, and FAQs to help with any further queries.

View the 2024 Ordering instructions.

Please do not share these details as they are exclusive to BPS membership.

Member Print On-Demand Prices and Discount Codes

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2024 Printing Prices and Discount Codes

Frequently asked questions

Why are members no longer eligible for print as a member benefit?

As communicated earlier in 2023, the BPS has taken the decision to move away from print in favour of online only access for environmental reasons but also in recognition of the move to open science and all the digital benefits that are attached to the online publication.

Open science enables a more transparent and rigorous publishing process, supporting initiatives such as links to data repositories and open access publications, and in turn facilitating more accurate public understanding.

Digital benefits of the online edition include full archival access to back content, and access to features not available with print, such as EarlyView papers, virtual special issues, supplementary content, hyperlinked references, embedded video, audio, data and 3D images, graphic abstracts and video abstracts.

For every copy no longer printed, Wiley will plant a new tree.

I don’t want to provide my card details online. Can I order offline?

Yes. Please contact [email protected] who will provide alternative details.

Why can’t I buy single issues in print?

The level of discount is only possible when applied to the full volume. Single issues can be purchased at the webstore at the advertised price but are not eligible for the discount.

Single issues remain available online as part of your member benefit via PsychHub.

Why do the USD prices vary for delivery addresses in the UK and Europe?

As the print on demand process is run from a printer which is based in the United States, the original GBP or EUR subscription price (to which the discount is applied) is converted into USD before the credit card fee is added.

This means that the price quoted for each journal is provided in USD.

Wiley have not converted the USD price back into GBP or EUR as the actual conversion rate will vary slightly depending on the member’s credit card company, as the companies each apply their own rate which might be slightly different.

The conversion rate is applied by the credit card company at the point at which an individual member makes the transaction directly with Sheridan (the printer).

Is there an additional shipping charge?

Shipping is free and included in the pricing given above.

When will I receive my order?

Printing takes 5-10 business days, and (mindful that Sheridan are US-based) regular shipping takes up to 6-8 weeks to the UK & Europe. 

Please visit the individual journal homepage to see issue publication dates.

Will I be notified when an issue has been published?

Please sign up to Table of Content Email Alerts via the relevant journal homepage to receive free notifications when an issue has been published.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

Please contact Sheridan’s Customer Services team at [email protected] or the BPS Academic Publications team at [email protected].