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Qualification in Counselling Psychology

The Qualification in Counselling Psychology (QCoP) is the independent route to training as a counselling psychologist for those who choose not to, or are unable to, undertake a professional doctorate at university.

Duration 3 years minimum (or part-time equivalent)
Enrolment (entry) requirements Graduate Membership of the Society with the Graduate Basis for Chartered membership

Access to a suitable placement (paid or voluntary)
Start date Flexible
Cost £6792.00 (£5660 + VAT).

With the support of your supervisor, you will design your plan of training to accommodate your interests and circumstances (for instance, the therapeutic approaches that you study and the placements where you undertake your supervised practice), so long as this fits into the broad framework for the qualification. 

This is an integrated, doctoral level qualification which leads to eligibility for Chartered membership of the Society and full membership of the Division of Counselling Psychology.

You will also be able to register with the Health and Care Professions Council.

The QCoP involves undertaking a self-determined plan of training built around appropriate postgraduate courses in two different models of therapy, supervised client work, your own personal therapy, a written examination, and a range of written pieces of work, including a piece of research.

Through this process, you will develop and demonstrate your skills to doctoral level in order to practice independently as a counselling psychologist. 

You will receive supervision and support from your Co-ordinating Supervisor, who will act as your mentor throughout your training on the qualification, in addition to your practice supervisor (for your client work), and support from the Society’s Qualifications Office. 

The QCoP usually takes a minimum of three years full-time, or the equivalent if you are training on a part-time basis.

If you have already completed some relevant postgraduate training, you may be eligible to apply for accreditation of existing competence and reduce the amount of assessed work that you need to complete. 

For further details please consult the Candidate Handbook.

The first step is to consult the Candidate Handbook and make sure you fulfil the entry requirements of the qualification.

The next step is to contact a Co-ordinating Supervisor using the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors.

Supervision with your Co-ordinating Supervisor is an important part of your training on the qualification and, therefore, it is advisable to contact more than one Co-ordinating Supervisor before agreeing terms.

Your Co-ordinating Supervisor will be able to explore with you how you might develop and demonstrate the competencies within your current job or placement. 

Once you have secured a Supervisor, the next step is to download and complete the required applications and enrolment documents which can be found on the Forms and Handbooks tab.

The Candidate Handbook will guide you through the process, and if you have any queries, the Qualifications Team is available to help via email and telephone.

The QCoP consists of Documentary Evidence Units (DEUs) designed to ensure that you undertake appropriate developmental experiences including teaching, supervised client work and personal therapy, and Assessment Units (AUs) are designed to ensure that you are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills which you have developed.  

You can submit work in December each year and, for most of the units of assessment, you can choose the order in which you submit them as best suits your circumstances. 

Your Co-ordinating Supervisor is available to provide feedback on your work, prior to submission, although this does not constitute a formal assessment of your work.

The final assessment on the qualification includes an oral examination, which will explore your overall competence and your professional identity as a counselling psychologist. 

Further details can be found in the Candidate Handbook.

The documents on this page are only available to candidates from the appropriate cohorts.

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Pre-April 2018 Candidates

Post-April 2018 Candidates

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QCoP Clinics

We offer a telephone service for you to speak to us directly regarding any queries relating to the qualification.

Appointments must be made in advance by booking online.

Find out how to book an appointment with the QCoP clinic.

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