What level do these courses need to be?

Postgraduate i.e. minimum level 7 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or level 11 (Scotland).

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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I use a course that I am currently completing?

    You can include this in your plan of training at enrolment, and the Registrar will consider whether it's a suitable course and whether it fits into your overall plans.

    For example, you may be completing a MSc in CBT which meets the requirements for core therapy training in terms of academic level and number of teaching hours, but if you're also proposing to do a CBT course for your secondary model then your plan wouldn't be approved.

    Formal approval of any component of your plan of training can't be granted until you've submitted a full enrolment application.

    Prior to this, the Registrar is able to give tentative advice on the suitability of courses and placements if you can provide details via the Course Suitability Review Form, listed on the website.

    If you have further questions after the completion of the Course Suitability Review Form, the Registrar holds a monthly telephone clinic where you can book a 20-minute slot to discuss your enrolment application.

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    If you wish to book a slot, please contact the Qualifications Team.


  • Can I use a course or other work that I have previously completed?

    Yes, you can use a previously completed course to apply for accreditation of existing competence (AEC). You'll need to include your AEC application with your enrolment application and all necessary supporting evidence including a verified copy of your certificate.

    Your Co-ordinating Supervisor can verify your certificate by signing the photocopy to confirm that they have had sight of the original.

    AEC is also available for other components of the QCoP, with all requests needing to be supported by appropriate evidence as indicated on the AEC form.

    All AEC applications are considered on an individual basis by the Registrar and you will be informed of the outcome in your enrolment letter.

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    If you have any queries, please contact the Qualifications Team