Can my co-ordinating supervisor also be my practice supervisor?

No, as this is considered a conflict of interest. Your Co-ordinating Supervisor is your guide and mentor through the qualification and they oversee your overall progress.

The role of your practice supervisor is to focus on supervising your client work without being drawn into other elements of your training.

These roles must therefore be fulfilled by different people.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Who can be my practice supervisor?

    Your practice supervisor will usually be a counselling psychologist registered with the HCPC and a Chartered member of the society with full membership of the Division of Counselling Psychology, with appropriate training or expertise in supervision.

    Practice Supervisors who aren't counselling psychologists should be therapeutic practitioners who are accredited by a relevant professional body which has a code of ethics, current accreditation and disciplinary/complaints procedures.

    They'll also need to be entered on the professional body’s list of supervisors.

    The internal supervisor provided by your placement setting may meet these criteria in which case you can propose them as your practice supervisor on your plan of training.

    If they don't meet the criteria above, you'll need to seek an external practice supervisor, for instance using the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors.

    You're required to have supervision with a counselling psychologist for the majority of your training.

    This supports the development of your professional identity as a counselling psychologist which is a crucial component of the QCoP.

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