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Student membership

Join the BPS and boost your degree with hundreds of online journals, exclusive discounts, access to our student community and more.

What this membership offers you

If you’re currently studying a BPS accredited undergraduate degree or conversion course and you wish to broaden your horizons and give your future career an early boost, then become a student member.

Joining the BPS as a student member opens the door to a whole host of benefits - from exclusive discounts and journals to an ever-growing online community of like-minded people.

Member benefits

Once you become a member, your path as a student will change forever thanks to access to the following benefits:

  • Access to regular BPS events - including careers fairs, with the chance to hear from psychology professionals
  • Subscription to The Psychologist - our flagship monthly publication, as well as PsychTalk, written by out student community
  • Unlock a growing online community - allowing you to connect with psychology students across the UK
  • Automatic enrollment to your local branch - giving you the opportunity to meet psychologists, grow your network and share ideas
  • Chance to become a student rep - support your fellow students and promote the benefits of BPS membership
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts - with money off textbooks, book discounts, plenty of events and much more, when you sign up for membership

Find out more about the benefits and opportunities available to Student members.

Apply now

We are currently processing a high volume of new applications for people joining the BPS, plus helping our existing members who would like to join our various networks and registers. We currently estimate that it will take approximately eight weeks to process your application.

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Fees and payment

Our membership runs on a 12 month cycle. You will be asked to renew your membership with us every 12 months from the date you first joined.

If you pay for your membership by Direct Debit, your membership will automatically renew every 12 months from the date you first joined.

Student membership is only £27.48.


There are a number of ways you can pay your subscription

  • Online card payment (preferred)
  • Bank transfer
  • By phone

Student Committee

As well as becoming a student member, you can join our dedicated Student Committee. 

The committee represents student members around education and policy, while encouraging communication between student members through an annual student conference.

It creates engaging links between the BPS and psychology students and associations across the globe through the European Federation of Psychology Students Association (EFPSA). The committee also organises seminars and networking opportunities and is responsible for the publication of the prestigious PsychTalk magazine.

Find out more about how to join our Student Committee.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Which membership grade am I eligible for?

    Each membership grade has differing eligibility requirements which can be found on the relevant pages for each membership type.

    Eligibility for our membership grades is primarily based on society-accredited academic qualifications and experience, or their non-UK equivalent.

    Each membership grade has differing eligibility requirements. For further information, please visit the relevant pages for each membership grade.

    Please be aware that the information on each membership grade page provides a general guide to eligibility, it is not exhaustive.

  • What documents do I need to provide?

    You will need to provide copies (we don’t require originals) of your psychology qualifications.

    Transcripts (the list of subjects and grades) are required for all undergraduate, conversion and non-UK qualifications.

    For any documents not in English translations are required.

  • How can I upgrade my membership?

    Current Student members can complete the Graduate membership application process online. Graduate members looking to upgrade should complete the relevant Chartered membership application form.

    You will not be charged an application fee for upgrading from Student to Graduate membership. Apply to upgrade to Graduate membership or Chartered membership

  • I am studying an undergraduate degree outside of the UK - can I join as a Student Member?

    Student membership is only available to those studying a society-accredited undergraduate degree or conversion course.

    Instead, you can apply to join one of our Subscriber grades.

  • How do I join a member network?

    Members can find information and how to apply on our Member Networks page. 

    View more information and download the application form.

    If you’re applying for Graduate membership and would like to join one, or more, of the Member Networks you can add these as part of the application process, each network carries an additional fee.

    If you’re applying for Chartered membership the application form enables you to join Member Networks at the relevant grade.

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