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    Psychology of Sexualities Section

    The Psychology of Sexualities Section of the British Psychological Society aims to provide an integrative forum for those involved in research, teaching and applied work in the United Kingdom.


    Political Psychology Section

    The purpose of this section is to promote Political Psychology in the UK and globally, enabling and empowering citizens with the political skills to meaningfully shape policy, practice and their worlds.


    Historical, Philosophical and Theoretical Psychology Section

    The Historical, Philosophical and Theoretical Psychology Section provides an opportunity for those interested in the history of psychology or in the philosophical aspects of the subject to exchange ideas and promote the discussion of these interests.


    Defence and Security Psychology Section

    Defence and Security is considered to be a domain of overlapping concerns arising from military, political, economic, criminal and legal activities affecting the well-being of the nation.

    Special Group

    Special Group for Psychology and Social Care

    The Special Group for Psychology and Social Care aims to promote active debate around the evolution of social care as a professional service evolution whilst simultaneously encouraging new and worthwhile ventures in the area.


    Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section

    The Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section was formed in 1997 as the first network of a nationally representative body of professional psychologists devoted to the study of Consciousness in the modern era.


    Transpersonal Psychology Section

    All the major spiritual and mystical traditions of the world include teachings about the nature of mind and promote practices and lifestyles intended to bring about psychological transformation. To this end the Transpersonal Psychology deals with the spiritual nature of human beings.


    London and Home Counties Branch

    The London & Home Counties Branch has circa 15,000 members and is the largest member network within the BPS.


    Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology Section

    The Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology Section provides its members with a central hub where issues of psychological trauma can be explored, research and evidence-based treatments can be examined, and ongoing standards of best practice can be shared.


    Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Psychology Section

    The MSC Section aims to promote the advancement and diffusion of the use of mathematics, statistics and computing in psychology and to arrange conferences, meetings, lectures and discussions of special interest to psychologists working in the field.


    DECP Northern Ireland

    Division of Education and Child Psychology - Northern Ireland


    Division of Health Psychology

    As a member network, the BPS Division of Health Psychology (DHP) promotes the science, education and application of the discipline.