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Awards and grants

Explore the awards and grants that the society offers.

We love recognising talent.

Our annual awards bring people together to celebrate and recognise excellence in the research, practice, teaching and education of psychology. Nominees range from aspiring undergraduates, to those who have already achieved a successful career within the discipline.

Some are member-only awards, while others are open to psychologists from across the UK.

Keep reading to find out more about our annual awards and how to apply.

Education and Training Board

The Education and Training Board oversees the awards aimed at those who have contributed to psychological education or who have played a significant role in expanding the profile of psychology as a discipline.

Undergraduate Award

This award is given to those students who achieve the highest overall score in an accredited degree programme at each of the institutions accredited by the Society.

Ethics Committee

​Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity

This award recognises an individual psychologist for significant contributions made to challenging social inequalities in the UK. Nominees can be teachers, researchers or practitioners with judges recognising differences made to challenging issues surrounding gender, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Practice Board

Award for Innovation in Practice

This award recognises innovative creative project design and/or delivery in practice. Entries are welcome from a range of programmes - including pilots and long-established schemes of any size and scope.

Nominees can be psychologists at any stage of their professional career and the winner will receive a commemorative certificate, which will be presented at an associated society conference.

Award for Distinguished Contribution to Practice

Aimed at practitioner psychologists, this award recognises outstanding and lasting contributions to a specific area of psychology, which has benefited people or organisations. This award will likely be made to a psychologist who is either mid or late on in their career, with a commemorative certificate presented to the winner.

Lifetime Achievement in Psychology Award

This prestigious award recognises and celebrates an exceptional practitioner whose career has consistently contributed to the discipline of psychology.

The winner is usually near or at the end of their career, with the award confirming life membership of the society. A commemorative certificate is presented to the recipient at the BPS’s annual conference. The recipient will also have the opportunity to deliver their own acceptance speech in recognition of the award at the conference.

Research Board

Lifetime Achievement

This award recognises those who have made significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge, with an exemplary record of personal achievement along the way.

The winner will receive lifetime membership of the society, £1,000 to spend on furthering an area of research and a commemorative certificate.

Presidents’ Award

This award recognises the achievements of an individual currently engaged in psychological research of the highest possible standard. This award looks for someone who is mid-career and the winner does not have to be an existing member of the BPS or reside in the UK.

Doctoral Award

The award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students carried out during the completion of doctoral degrees in psychology.

The judging panel considers published psychology articles which report on the research carried out as part of a doctoral degree, with the winner receiving a £500 prize and commemorative certificate presented at the society awards evening.

Book Award

This award recognises high standards of published works in psychology, with nominees able to represent academic monographs, practitioner texts, textbooks and popular science.

Authors or co-authors must reside in the UK, and books must be published after 1 January 2018. 

William Inman Prize 

The prize recognises published articles focused on the effect of psychology upon physical conditions - in particular psychodynamic or psychotherapeutic factors and conditions of the eye. This award is presented every five years, with the next presentation taking place in 2025.

Technical Support in Psychological Research/Teaching Award

This award recognises the valuable role played by technicians in supporting research in psychology. It is presented in partnership between the BPS and the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology and takes place annually.

Single and team nominations are welcome with nominations accepted from Heads of Department, Line Managers or equivalent roles.

Society grants

We’re committed to supporting the shining lights of psychology’s present and future.  Our grants provide a great way for practitioners, students, early career psychologists and postgraduates to access funding to support their projects and programmes.

Each Research Board Grant has its own application process and details of each grant can be found below. 

International Conference Symposium Scheme

This grant unlocks funding for Society Member Networks to host a symposium at an international conference.

Grants range from £1,500 - £3,500 and the initiative helps the BPS to showcase UK psychology to international audiences.

Early Career Conference Bursary Scheme

This bursary are available to support Members of the Society, who are UK early career psychologists, to attend (physically or virtually) any academic conference, either in the UK or internationally, relevant to their work. Each bursary consists of up to £250 (UK) or £500 (international) to contribute towards the costs of registration and travel to attend the full conference.

Joint Postgraduate Award with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

This grant creates the opportunity for postgraduate psychologists to be seconded to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.  It allows them to support the creation of psychology-related briefing materials for MPs and peers

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme

This grant provides undergraduates with hands-on experience of research and to help them develop their skills at a young age in order to get them excited about a future academic career.

Postgraduate Study Visit Scheme

This grant allows early career researchers and lecturers within eight years of completing their doctoral research degree in psychology, to complete a study visit to another institution. These visits unlock new research and lecturing skills for researchers, while supporting them in forging a future career path.

Early Career Study Visit Scheme

This grant allows early career researchers and lecturers within eight years of completing their doctoral research degree in psychology, to complete a study visit to another institution. These visits unlock new research and lecturing skills for researchers, while supporting them in forging a future career path.

Research Seminar Competition

This grant opens up the opportunity for institutions to work together and hold joint scientific seminars, with a focus on widening the understanding of psychological processes within any field of scientific psychology. Grants are available up to the value of £3,000.

Sections Meetings and Events Support Fund

This grant is available to support Section meetings or events between the values of £100-£1000. These include (but are not limited to) enhancing existing meetings e.g. international speaker expenses, virtual meeting software, networking tools, meeting materials or fully supporting a new research meeting or workshop.

Dorothy Bishop Festschrift Grant Scheme

The Dorothy Bishop Festschrift Grant is available to support Members of the Society, who are UK early career researchers to attend the Dorothy Bishop Festschrift, at the Royal Society. Dorothy Bishop is one of the most distinguished psychologists of her generation, having pioneered the investigation of impairments in the development of language.