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Division of Neuropsychology

The Division of Neuropsychology exists to support its members with training and advice, and to keep them apprised of ongoing news and developments within the field.

In recent years neuropsychology has been one of the most exciting areas of science.

Advances in technology have revealed many of the secrets of structure-function relationships in the living brain, their development across the lifespan and the impact of disease, injury and degeneration.

These rapid advances have opened up many new research and clinical possibilities and so staying informed and up-to-date has never been so important.

Our membership has a powerful voice in raising the profile of neuropsychology, developing standards and advancing the discipline.

One of the primary purposes of the Division of Neuropsychology (DoN) is to champion the work of our members and the contribution psychology can make to society through lots of different channels, particularly through our regular conferences and events.

DoN Interest Groups

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