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Associate membership (AMBPsS)

If you're a psychological wellbeing practitioner, children’s wellbeing practitioner or educational mental health practitioner, we’ve designed the associate membership for you.

Associate membership (AMBPsS)

We have opened up our membership to Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP), Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWP) and Educational Mental Health Practitioners (EMHP) as part of the wider psychological workforce.

The British Psychological Society has been the accrediting body for PWP training courses since 2009 and from January 2023, the BPS is now also the accrediting body for CWP and EMHP training programs.

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When you apply for the BPS associate membership, you can complete your wider psychological workforce registration at the same time.

Being on this register shows you have achieved the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to practice.

It’s a publicly searchable register so employers, peers and service users can find your credentials and know they’re in safe hands.

The register is open to PWPs, CWPs and EMHPs and it is a requirement by NHS England to be registered.

What this membership offers you

Being an associate member demonstrates your commitment to your profession. It showcases the skills and experience you’ve gained and that you’re striving to be the best in your field.

Through networking, conferences and CPD training courses as well as access to our 70,000-strong professional member community, the BPS are here to support and enhance your career journey.

Member benefits

Associate membership gives you a number of benefits at your fingertips, all in one place:

  • Enhance your career and build on your skills with discounts on CPD training courses, digital webinars and on demand videos
  • Exclusive discounts on a range of conferences and events
  • Connect, collaborate and learn from other professionals through joining our member networks – there are over 100 specialisms for you to choose from
  • Digital, print and app subscription to The Psychologist, the BPS’s flagship publication
  • Mentoring support
  • Showcase your credentials by joining the Wider Psychological Workforce register as required by NHS England
  • Demonstrate your skills and experience by adding the title AMBPsS after your name
  • Careers advice and support
  • Access to our 11 BPS journals via PsychHub, our one-stop-shop for all your psychology and mental health research needs.
  • Book Discounts -Get up to 25 % discount on an essential range of books.

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For over 120 years The British Psychological Society has been the public voice of the profession. We ensure the highest standards in all we do and we strive to promote and advance the discipline.

“BPS membership makes you stand out from the rest. - Holly Nicoll, GMBPsS"

This membership is currently only available to applicants who have completed a British Psychological Society (BPS) Accredited or Higher Education England (HEE) approved Wellbeing training course or apprenticeship.

We offer a range of membership options to suit your current level of study or career path, BPS still welcomes applicants if you cannot meet these criteria’s for this type of membership.

Routes to becoming a member

There are two routes to becoming an associate member:

Route A

You must have successfully completed a BPS-accredited programme of study for a role as a wellbeing practitioner in the wider psychological workforce.

These BPS-accredited programmes of study include psychological wellbeing practitioner training programmes (Graduate Certificate or PG Certificate).

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Route B

If you completed a children’s wellbeing practitioner or education mental health practitioner training programme before January 2023, you must have completed a Health Education England quality-assured programme of study.

Consult the section on EMHP and CWP Accreditation for further information.

HEE quality assured programmes

How to apply

You can start your application now using our online application form.

You’ll need to upload your completed supervisor confirmation form as part of a register application:

If you're a psychological wellbeing practitioner, you can also apply to join our Wider Psychological Workforce register at the same time as applying for associate membership.

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Fees and payment

When you apply for associate membership, you'll have to pay a one-off application fee of £32. Please note: this fee is non-refundable.

Once your application has been assessed by our membership team, if you're eligible, you'll need to make payment for the 12-month membership subscription with the rates as follows:

  • Associate membership: £46
  • Need extra support to help pay for your membership? We offer reduced rates for individuals who are unemployed, on maternity, paternity or carers leave or other special circumstances. 

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Our membership runs on a 12-month cycle. You'll be asked to renew your membership with us every 12 months from the day you joined.

If you pay for your membership by Direct Debit, your membership will automatically renew every 12 months from the date you first joined.

How to pay for your subscription

There are a number of ways you can pay for your subscription:

  • Online card payment (preferred)
  • Set up a Direct Debit (UK bank accounts only)
  • Bank transfer
  • By phone

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Frequently asked questions
  • Which membership grade am I eligible for?

    Each membership grade has differing eligibility requirements which can be found on the relevant pages for each membership type.

    Eligibility for our membership grades is primarily based on society-accredited academic qualifications and experience, or their non-UK equivalent.

    Each membership grade has differing eligibility requirements. For further information, please visit the relevant pages for each membership grade.

    Please be aware that the information on each membership grade page provides a general guide to eligibility, it isn't exhaustive.

    Contact us

    If you have any queries, please contact the Membership Enquiries Team


  • What documents do I need to provide?

    You'll need to provide copies (we don’t require originals) of your psychology qualifications.

    Transcripts (the list of subjects and grades) are required for all undergraduate, conversion and non-UK qualifications.

    For any documents not in English translations are required.

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    If you have any queries please contact the membership team.


  • How much is society membership?

    Find out more information about our membership fees.

    Our 2023 subscription and membership fees for new joiners are as follows.

    2024 fees will be posted shortly.

    Current members due to renew from January should have already received notification of their subscription fees for 2024.

    Core subscription fees

    Chartered members / Fellows / Associate Fellows: £148.68

    Graduate members: £148.68

    Two reductions are available to Graduate members:

    1. If you graduated within the last five years from the qualification giving eligibility for Graduate membership: £74.28
    2. If you are a current postgraduate student or enrolled on a society qualification: £39.84

    Student members: £28.80

    Affiliates: £111.00

    e-subscribers: £13.20

    Non-refundable application processing fees (payable On First Application)

    All non-refundable application fee payments are subject to a 6 month time limit, in which all requirements for your application should be submitted. If you have not provided all of the requirements for your application, or have not continued with your application after such time, you will be required to pay the non-refundable application fee again.

    Chartered Members (non-members): £83

    Chartered Members (Graduate Members upgrading): £41

    Fellows: £56

    Associate Fellows: £41

    Graduate Members: £42

    Contact us

    If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]

  • How can I upgrade my membership?

    Current Student members can complete the Graduate membership application process online. Graduate members looking to upgrade should complete the relevant Chartered membership application form.

    You won't be charged an application fee for upgrading from Student to Graduate membership.

    Apply to upgrade to Graduate membership

    Apply to upgrade to Chartered membership

    Contact us

    If you have any queries, please contact the Membership Enquiries Team


  • How do I join a member network?

    Members can find information and how to apply on our Member Networks page. 

    Join a member network

    If you’re applying for Graduate membership and would like to join one, or more, of the Member Networks you can add these as part of the application process, each network carries an additional fee.

    If you’re applying for Chartered membership the application form enables you to join Member Networks at the relevant grade.

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    If you have any queries, please contact the Membership Enquiries Team