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          • Dr Nicky Hayes, President off the BPS

            ‘I would like to help to reunify the Society’

            02 August 2022

            Ella Rhodes meets new Society President Dr Nicky Hayes to hear about her plans for her time in office as well as the changes she's seen over the last 50 years of work in the field.

            • BPS updates
          • ‘They talked about having two versions of themselves’

            26 May 2022

            Researcher Dr Lateesha Osbourne (University of Bath) spoke to Ella Rhodes about her PhD research, exploring Black students’ experiences at a higher education institution in the south of England.

            • Race, Ethnicity and Culture
            • Social and behavioural
          • ‘The pandemic has highlighted the huge social divide that exists in the UK’

            07 June 2021

            Vivian Hill is a Consultant Educational Psychologist and Director of Educational Psychology training at University College London’s Institute of Education. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society’s Poverty to Flourishing campaign’s expert reference group. Hill spoke to Ella Rhodes about her vision for the return to school post-Covid-19, and the many opportunities this brings for how we see the role of schools and education.

          • Psychology's last stand: Making a difference in the zombie apocalypse

            05 October 2018

            On the third Halloween since The Wretchedness, we bring you this special report from one of the last remaining strongholds – the surprisingly sturdy offices of the British Psychological Society in Leicester. For this likely final issue of The Psychologist roving reporter Ella Rhodes travelled the UK at great personal risk in search of the few remaining psychologists. Finding but a handful, she asked them whether psychology can shed light in dark times.