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The PsychCrunch podcast

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PsychCrunch is the podcast from the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, sponsored by Routledge Psychology. Each episode we explore whether the findings from psychological science can make a difference in real life. Just how should we live, according to psychology? We speak to psychologists about their research and whether they apply what they’ve discovered in their own lives.

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Check out our latest episode, number 35, on the why we enjoy playing with fear:

From haunted houses to scary movies, many of us find a thrill in a good scare. But… isn’t that a bit counter-intuitive? 

In this episode, we ask why so many of us are drawn to things that should make us run a mile. Host Ella Rhodes speaks with Director of The Recreational Fear Lab, Dr Mathias Clasen, and Cambridge University PhD student Lucy Watanabe to discover why fear isn’t always to be feared. 

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