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Welcome to your new centralised hub for member resources and benefits.

Here you'll find useful links, documents, and information about the variety of benefits and opportunities which Society membership gives you.

  • Why not start by accessing the lastest Member Update for details of the Society's latest activities and developments?

  • Or perhaps you're interested in finding out more about the variety of Publications which are available to you as a BPS member?

  • You can also search PsychSource directly to explore the variety of journals, books, and associated resources to which we provide access.

For an overview of the benefits on offer, please consult the Member Benefits Grid, or check out one of the tabs below for more detailed information on the advantages and rewards available to you.


All our members, plus our Affiliate Subscribers, are able to make use of the myCPD online planning system to keep track of their ongoing professional development.

Click here to find out more.

Workshop discounts

Student, Graduate, and Chartered members are eligible for discounted access to a number of our workshops.

Click here to search our Events list.

e-Learning course discounts

All members and subscribers are eligible to receive a discount on any e-learning courses which we provide.

e-Subscriber 5% discount
Affiliate Subscriber 10% discount
Student Member 55% discount
Graduate Member 25% discount
Chartered Member 25% discount

For more information on e-learning courses, please click here.

The Society works with three insurers to provide preferential rates to our members. 

For more details, contact the insurers directly:

Further information coming soon.

List of Chartered Members

All Chartered Members are automatically added to the List of Chartered Members, which can be searched by anyone who wishes to check the chartered status of a psychologist.

Click here to search this list yourself.

Directory of Chartered Psychologists/Directory of Expert Witnesses

You can advertise your services and contact details to the public on the Society’s most established lists:

The annual fee is £28.

Please note: we are currently updating the Directory of Chartered Psychologists.

Over the next few weeks you will not be able to apply for this online, but if you would like to make an application prior to the new Directory being launched please contact the Membership Team for a form.

External Examiners / VNC Examiners

This searchable list includes details of members who have expressed an interest in providing services as an external examiner and/or viva examiner.

Click here to search the list, or contact [email protected] for more information on how to be included.

Join the Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers

The Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers (DVCS) lists Society members who are happy to give careers talks to schools and other institutions.

To contact voluntary careers speakers please click here to search the directory.

How do I become a Voluntary Careers Speaker?

Becoming a Voluntary Careers Speaker is a great way to share your knowledge and personal experience and to help inspire the next generation. It is also a great addition to your CV.

We welcome contributions from all Chartered and Graduate Members of the Society.

If you choose to attend an event we can provide you with a selection of the Society’s careers materials and other promotional leaflets.

Once you become a Voluntary Careers Speaker your profile will be available to view on the internet by members of the public.

To join the DVCS please download and complete an application form, then return it to:

The British Psychological Society 
St Andrews House 
48 Princess Road East 

For further information about the DVCS contact the Society’s Help Desk.

The Society will now subsidise the Article Publication Charge (APC) in our own 11 journals for Graduate and Chartered members who are corresponding authors of accepted papers.

We will cover 100% of the APC making your accepted article open access and freely available for the journals listed below.

All articles will be subject to the usual review process and terms and conditions, and authors will retain copyright.

Eligible journals

  • British Journal of Clinical Psychology
  • British Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • British Journal of Educational Psychology
  • British Journal of Health Psychology
  • British Journal of Social Psychology
  • British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
  • British Journal of Psychology
  • Journal of Neuropsychology
  • Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
  • Legal and Criminological Psychology
  • Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

To take advantage of this offer select the British Psychological Society as your funder when prompted on the Wiley submission system.

For further information please contact the Membership Team.


The Inland Revenue has agreed to allow tax relief on all membership subscription fees, including division, section, special group and journal payments.

Below is an extract from the Inland Revenue to the Marketing and Promotions Officer dated 4 March 2004:

'Approval under Section 18 Finance Act 1958 (now Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003) was granted to the Society in 1959. This means that members may claim tax relief for their annual membership subscriptions (core subscription). It has been decided that this approval should be extended to include any additional annual subscription for membership of a division, section or special group. The extension also includes any additional subscription paid by members for any of the Society's publications.'

To claim, you should either list these payments in your annual tax return or write to your tax office with details of the total amounts paid, what they were and your membership number. Your tax code will be adjusted accordingly.

For more information on how to claim, contact our Subscriptions Department:

Tel: +44(0)195 221 4066

Email: [email protected]



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