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23 June 2017

On the back page of The Psychologist each month, we used to run a Psychology A to Z. The idea was to reflect the broad range of areas in everyday life where psychology has something to say, and indeed where The Psychologist and Research Digest have said something in the past. Here's the full A to Z...

A is for Altruism

B is for Better

C is for Children

D is for Deception

E is for Ecstasy

F is for Fear

G is for Gratitude

H is for Habit

I is for Identity

J is for Justice

K is for Kissing

L is for Loneliness

M is for Mundane

N is for Narcissism

O is for Observation

P is for Positivity

Q is for Quality of Life

R is for Reaction time

S is for Stress

T is for Thinking

U is for Unity

V is for Vulnerable

W is for Willpower

X is for Xenophobia

Y is for the Yerkes-Dodson law

Z is for the Zeigarnik Effect

Our Psychology A to Z ended in February 2019, and in March that year we picked up a new A to Z, featuring members of the society in the form of our One on One. Find the full A to Z of Psychologists by surname here…

Alma Au

Elizabeth Bird

Peter Cummins

Constantina Demosthenous

Mike Eslea

Caroline Foster

Martina Gerada

Michelle Hamill

Sidney Irvine

Asweeni Jansdin Raj

Costas Karageorghis

James Lewis

Saida Melgar

Nothando Ngwenya

Edward Ong

Raffaele Presti

Maria Qureshi

Taide Riley-Hunte

Richard Skelton

Julie Turner-Cobb

Sheila Ufot

Tendayi Viki

Cerith Waters

Kristina Xavier

Mohammadrasool Yadegarfard

Ameera Zumla