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We introduce our practical leaflets, how to get hold of them, and what comes next.

19 August 2016

In January 2016, we published our first 'Guide', an evidence-based and practical leaflet sent out with all 50,000 copies of The Psychologist.

'The Psychologist Guide to… You and Your Baby' was a huge success, with Mothercare picking it up for a reprint and distributing it to many thousands of new and prospective parents via their in-store events. 

This was followed in June by 'The Psychologist Guide to… Leadership', kindly sponsored by Goldsmiths Institute of Management Studies

Our third Guide was to Healthy Living, kindly sponsored by Staffordshire University.

In October 2017 came 'The Psychologist Guide to… University Life', kindly sponsored by Routledge Psychology.

October 2018 saw 'The Psychologist Guide to… Pets', sponsored by Eagala.

In October 2019 it was time for 'The Psychologist Guide to… Retirement', sponsored by Pearson Clinical.

And here's the Guide to Finding Meaning.

We do have some hard copies of some of these guides, and although we don't have the resources to send out single copies, if you can help us reach significant numbers of suitable readers we will do our best to send you some. Email our editor [email protected] with your request.

If you have ideas for future guides, or you would be interested in sponsoring one, get in touch with Jon. The idea is to continue to produce simple, brief, evidence-based, practical guides on topics that affect large numbers of the general population – potentially in print form, but also for this website.