09 November 2021

Over the years we have featured lots of articles and interviews around bullying / anti-bullying.

We talk play and bullying with Peter K. Smith. See also this 'Why I study…'

Grace Sanders considers the causes and consequences of gelotophobia – the fear of laughter.

An exploration of the themes with John Callaghan in his book 'The Girl With the Zipped Up Lips'.

Bullying and extreme competition in the psychology professions, and in leadership roles.

Some top psychologists have spoken about being victims of bullying.

Creating compassionate NHS organisations, with Maria Kordowicz and Michael West.

Why aren't we beating bullying?

Together against bullying, with the KiVa approach; see also this interview with Christina Salmivalli.

On caste-based bullying.

The problem of workplace bullying, bullying in prisons, around visible difference, and obesity/ body image.

Rejection and the adolescent brain.

And of course I had to include this one… my own piece, 'Thugs or thinkers?', on the work that got me the Award for Outstanding Contributions through Doctoral Research…

You'll also find lots on bullying over on our Research Digest.