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Peer Practice Groups

The DoCP provides access to our Peer Practice Groups (PPGs) to all those seeking to use psychology in their coaching practice.

A PPG is a small, committed group that meets regularly to share information and ideas, to learn, to network, to gain CPD and peer supervision.

PPG members enjoy a special and ongoing reflective conversation that enhances their coaching.

Who are Peer Practice Groups for?

PPGs are aimed at fully or part qualified psychologists and also coaches without a formal psychology background. These groups are diverse, enabling cross-fertilisation between members with different psychology disciplines and backgrounds.

By bringing you together with other coaches we are strengthening DoCPs leadership in the coaching psychology profession. Here's an article giving background on PPGs from our journal The Coaching Psychologist.

We are expanding the PPG network to include people in all parts of the UK and overseas. Until 2020, PPGs met face to face, typically for two hours once every two - three months. Each meeting size was in the range 5-10 people, drawn sometimes from a longer membership list of around 20 people. We also provide virtual PPGs which typically meet 60-90mins every month or two, with a group size of 6-8 people.

What are the aims of the Peer Practice Groups?

To promote the development of coaching psychology through: 

  • creating a local community of members, supporting them to develop their coaching psychology practice and engage in peer supervision 
  • discussing and sharing ideas about research and encouraging participation in and support for research projects 
  • promoting the application of appropriate ethical standards and guidelines 
  • providing clarity to members regarding the expected standards of a coaching psychologist (as set out in the DoCP Standards Framework for Coaching Psychology, May 2008) 
  • providing the opportunity to gain input from a peer group about specific issues of interest/concern
  • providing the opportunity for members to develop their standards as a coaching psychologist through practice and discussion with peers in a safe environment 
  • supporting the interests of members of the DoCP as they relate to coaching psychology 

How do I join a Peer Practice Group?

You are eligible to join a PPG if you are a psychologist, a psychology student, a psychology graduate or a coach who wishes to underpin their practice with psychology.

There are two steps to complete:

  1. Join both the BPS and the Division of Coaching Psychology.
  2. Find a place via the PPG Coordinator.

Once you have signed up to BPS and DoCP, there are no further costs for attendance at a PPG (other than agreed refreshments costs at face to face meetings).

Step 1: Join

  1. Join the BPS as a graduate member (Graduate Psychologists only)
  2. Join the BPS as a student member (Student Psychologists only)
  3. Subscribe to the BPS (Coaches not yet in the BPS)

Once you are signed up to BPS, you can then join the Division of Coaching Psychology.

Step 2: Find a PPG

We want to give DoCP members access to a PPG, currently we can accommodate you no matter where you are located in the UK or overseas.

Contact the PPG Coordinators to find a PPG