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BPS sponsor Carnival of the Mind at Edinburgh International Science Festival

13 February 2018

The British Psychological Society (BPS) are sponsoring Carnival of the Mind, an event at this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival that will be running from Saturday 31 March - Saturday 14 April 2018.

Carnival of the Mind will encourage visitors to discover the secrets of their brains, with focuses on the frontal lobe, processing pain, and vision, through twists on traditional fun fair games.

The festival itself runs from Thursday 29 March - Sunday 15 April at locations across Edinburgh - more information can be found here.

Creative Director of the festival, Amanda Tyndall, said:

"This year’s Festival is a celebration of life, our existence and of the potential that science offers us as individuals as well as for the planet."

For more information on Carnival of the Mind, please visit here

Ella Rhodes also reported on last year's event for The Psychologist.


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