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BPS launches Climate Environment Action Coordinating Group

The BPS is pleased to introduce the new members of its Climate Environment Action Coordinating Group.

03 April 2023

By BPS Communications

Following a period of recruitment, the group will begin work as the first permanent BPS body dedicated to providing support and advice on the implementation of effective climate change and environment work rooted in psychological evidence.

With a diverse range of members from across all areas of the society, the group will focus on the areas of climate and environmental health and wellbeing; behavioural, political and social change; the connections between climate change, human rights and inequality and climate change policy.

It will also be responsible for coordinating and supporting the work of the divisions and branches to ensure a joined-up approach.

Tony Wainwright, a member of the previous climate steering group and who worked on the creation of the new group said:

"The launch of the Climate and Environment Action Group marks the BPS recognising that disruption of the global climate and ecological systems by human activity constitutes the most urgent threat to the wellbeing of people and society.

It calls on all its members to make an ethical commitment, through their knowledge and skills, whether academics, researchers or practitioners, to actively engage at all levels, and in partnership with others."

The BPS welcomes the following members of the new Climate Environment Action Coordinating Group:

Dr Sarah Golding - Health psychologist

Dr Ryan Kemp – Clinical psychologist and director of therapies

Professor Ho Chung Law - Consultant in psychology, research & development

Maya Gimalova - Counselling psychologist in training

Dr Jan Maskell - Consultant business psychologist

Dr Dan O'Hare - Educational psychologist and senior lecturer

Dr Lindsey Helen Roberts - Programme director and lecturer in psychology

Antonio Kalentzis - Lecturer of psychology

Siân Williams - Ecologist

Dr Tony Wainwright - Clinical psychologist

Dr Louise Edgington - Educational psychologist

Dr Maria Fernandes-Jesus - Lecturer in psychology

Dr Roger Paxton - Clinical psychologist

Dr Melissa Marselle - Lecturer in environmental psychology

Dr Stacey Heath - Lecturer in social psychology

Terri Morrissey - Business psychologist

Dr Richard Brooke Plenty - Organisational psychologist 

For more information on the new Climate Environment Action Coordinating Group or for any enquires relating to equality, diversity, inclusion and climate change please email [email protected]

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