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Division of Health Psychology

The goal of health psychology is to study the psychological processes underlying health, illness and health care, and to apply these findings to the promotion and maintenance of health, the analysis and improvement of the health care system and health policy formation, the prevention of illness and disability, and the enhancement of outcomes for those who are ill or disabled. 


If you're passionate about enhancing population health and creating a better health service, supporting patients with their healthcare and helping people to change their health behaviours, then you can make it happen as a health psychologist.

NEW! The DHP are creating a video to show what we do and the impact health psychology has had on society.

Occupational psychologists boast to have done many things which have changed the world - including inventing the tea break - and we want to do the same for Health Psychology.

To get involved why not File tell us a bit about your work by filling in this short template and then returning your completed form to [email protected]

Career in Health Psychology

Professional Development

Qualification in Health Psychology (Stage 2)

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