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DHP Scotland

The Scottish Branch of the Division of Health Psychology is here to represent and support its members, and is committed to improving and promoting health, health-care and illness outcomes in Scotland, using psychological theories, methods and evidence.


All DHP members living in Scotland automatically become members of DHP Scotland.

Find out more about health psychology in Scotland.

One of our major successes has been developing NHS-funded, two-year full-time Stage 2 training posts for health psychologists, working on the Scottish Government's health improvement targets, which started in January 2008.

Find our more about the Stage 2 training scheme for health psychologists in Scotland.


The first point of contact for any queries regarding the work or activities of the DHP Scotland or its committees is the branch email address at [email protected].

If there is a specific committee or committee member that you wish to contact, please identify this in your email.

DHP Scotland


DHP Scotland



DHP Scotland - Direct Workforce Entry After MSc

While many MSc Health Psychology graduates go on to complete further doctoral level Health Psychology training (Stage 2, PhD, ProfDoc) in order to pursue careers as Health Psychologists in the NHS, in academia or in private practice, many others choose to go straight into psychology, health, wellbeing or research related jobs after their MSc.

Read our guidance on direct workforce entry after a Health Psychology MSc

DHP Scotland - Career Case Studies

In response to requests from early career members for more information about possible career paths, DHP-S funded two student researchers in 2018 to produce a series of career case studies.

Individuals who had completed health psychology training in Scotland were surveyed and interviewed about their training, current jobs, career aspirations, challenges and successes. The results of this project are compiled in the present case study series which we hope you will find useful.

Read our DHP Scotland Career Case Studies

The DHP Scotland Committee meets four times a year and includes members from across Scotland, including health psychologists working in the NHS and in academia.

We also have postgraduate representatives on the Committee and any students studying health psychology at the postgraduate level are encouraged to make contact and to attend our meetings (including our specific postgraduate-focussed events).

Appointed Members

Chair: Heather Connolly (appointed in May 2024 – May 2027)

Past Chair: Wendy Maltinsky (appointed in 2022 as Chair for 2 years, Past Chair in May 2024 - 2025)

Deputy Chair: TBC

Academic Lead: Joanna McParland (appointed in Feb 2021 – May 2024)

Finance Lead: Chantal den Daas (appointed in May 2024 – May 2027)

Postgraduate NES Lead: Francis Waite (appointed in May 2024 - 2027)

Secretary: Lindsey Burns (appointed in Feb 2023 - Feb 2026)

Newsletter Co-Lead: Alison Eadie (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

Newsletter Co-Lead: Katie Heslop (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

EDI Lead: Jan Smith (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

Events Lead: Effie Marathia (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

Events Lead: Rachel Tulloch (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

Trainee lead: Kirsty McMenamin (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)

Aberdeen MSc lead: Dan Powell (appointed in May 2023 – May 2026)

  • Vivien Swanson (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)
  • Julia Allan (appointed in Feb 2023 – Feb 2026)
  • Hannah Dale (appointed in Feb 2022 – Feb 2025)