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Division of Coaching Psychology

The Division of Coaching Psychology supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services by providing them with a means of sharing research as well as practical experiences that relate to the psychology of coaching.

For questions on Training or Professional Standards email [email protected] 

For any other queries regarding the DoCP contact [email protected]

The DoCP's definition of coaching psychology is 'the scientific study and application of behaviour, cognition and emotion to deepen our understanding of individuals’ and groups’ performance, achievement and wellbeing, and to enhance practice within coaching'.

    About the Division of Coaching Psychology

    The DoCP Committee

    The DoCP is formed of a main committee and supported by members who sit on Sub-Committees and working party groups. 

    The committee is made up of volunteers who are committed to the development of the profession, and to providing our members with numerous valuable benefits, including:

    • CPD events
    • Annual conference
    • Reduced rates at other events
    • Ethics advice
    • Two free publications
    • Peer Practice Groups


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