CPD Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are vital to achieving the Professional Development team's mission to deliver a range of high quality, relevant CPD opportunities for BPS members and beyond.

The BPS Professional Development team is committed to delivering a range of high-quality, relevant CPD opportunities for BPS members and beyond. Our pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are vital for us to achieve this aim. Our SMEs are remunerated and this role could involve the development and delivery of online webinars or workshops, in-person workshops or eLearning modules.

Key responsibilities

Members of the SME pool will provide expertise and insights to inform the course development and help us to ensure that materials reflect current best practice and challenge learners to change and develop how they work. In order to achieve this, members of our SME pool may be invited to collaborate with us to;

  • Generate ideas for CPD
  • Consider training requirements of a course and support the preparation of a course specification
  • Provide recommendations and subject matter expertise (this may include recommending other contacts to consult with)
  • Develop course learning outcomes
  • Write course content
  • Test the course throughout its development
  • Deliver online webinars and online or in-person workshops

How does it work?

We’d ask for your top three-four areas of expertise. If we are developing training in an area of your expertise, we may invite you to support us in its development. If invited, you will be presented with the expected resource requirements, project timescales and remuneration. You can then decide whether or not you are able to participate on that occasion. Subject to the individual project requirements, if several SMEs are required to work together, you may be invited to attend a short, informal interview before commencing the project to ensure that we have an appropriate range of knowledge and experience working together. We’d keep in touch with you on a regular basis with regards to our CPD programme.

Person specification

When inviting SMEs to collaborate with us, we will be looking at your qualifications, membership (of BPS and other professional bodies), entry on registers, your job role and recognised work in the field. SMEs should have knowledge of BPS policy work in relation to their subject matter expertise.

SMEs should have experience of designing and delivering training and presenting complex material in an accessible way, using different modes of delivery. We want the pool to have a range of subject matter expertise from across psychology.

In addition, applicants must possess the following personal qualities:

  • Commitment to maintaining high standards
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Ability to work collaboratively

Individual projects may also have specific knowledge, qualification or experience requirements.

How to apply

To apply to join our SME pool, please submit a CV and brief personal statement (max 500 words) to [email protected] outlining;

  • Your key areas of expertise
  • What experience you have in the design and development of training
  • How you have worked collaboratively in the design and development of training
  • How you have worked with the BPS in any capacity before

Feel free to browse all of the courses we currently provide by visiting learn.bps.org.uk.

If you want to discuss this more please contact the Professional Development Team at [email protected].