How to apply for the BPS qualification in test use

Information for those intending on applying for the qualification in test use.

Choose your level of training

The first step in applying for the BPS qualifications in test use is to identify the level of training to which you wish to be trained.

Detailed information on the qualifications and levels of training can be found on the qualifications and fees page.

Find a training course provider

Contact a training provider and arrange to undertake relevant training. 

You will need to check with the provider that the course and assessment will lead to a BPS qualification.

Search the list to find a suitable training provider.

Companies and individuals who offer BPS training courses can apply to go on this list free of charge.

Download the application form

Complete consent form

When you have completed your training course, your trainer/assessor will assess your competence.

If you are successful, your trainer/assessor will ask you to fill in and sign a consent form.

Your assessor will then send an electronic affirmation of your competence in the qualification to the BPS.

Download the consent form

Settle your registration fees

The BPS will send you an invoice for the testing qualifications that you have applied for. 

The invoice will also include the fee for your entry on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), which is renewable annually.

Qualification and RQTU membership

The BPS issues your certificate in the qualification you have gained. You are entered onto the RQTU and your access to the RQTU member benefits is activated.

Maintenance of Competence

Maintenance of Competence is the method by which members of the RQTU demonstrate their continued competence in testing. Each year you must affirm your continued competence in test use.