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About qualifications in test use

Find out about qualifications, fees and benefits.

The BPS provides nationally recognised qualifications in psychometric and psychological testing in Occupational (HR), Educational and Forensic contexts.

The qualifications in test use have been designed for professionals who use psychometric or psychological tests as part of their role, for example:

Educational professionals working in schools or for local authorities, whose role involves testing children to understand their strengths and specific learning needs.

Professionals working in forensic contexts such as prisons, secure hospitals, court or probation services, whose role involves assessing offenders' risk of reoffending.

Occupational professionals working in HR departments, employment agencies or consultancies offering testing services, whose role involves testing for personnel selection, development or career guidance and advice.

The BPS itself does not offer training courses. Instead, courses that lead to eligibility for BPS test user qualifications are available through independent providers.

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