Enquiries, copies and permissions

Information for members.


We offer a limited enquiry service in response to email, post, phone, or in person to visitors by prior arrangement. We cannot however undertake research on your behalf.

BPS members can access most Member Network periodicals on BPS Explore and BPS journals via PsychHub


To discover more information about our archive collections, as well as the history of the society, donations, oral history, audio visual collections and a wide range of other materials held at the BPS's London Office, please contact:

BPS History of Psychology Centre,
30 Tabernacle Street,

Email the archiving team

Phone: +44 (0)116 252 9587

To find out how you can access materials and resources held at the Wellcome Library, please contact:

Wellcome Collection,
183 Euston Road,

Email the Wellcome Library

Although registration for a library card is free and gives access to the main library collections,  there are some additional requirements for access to archives and manuscripts. First-time visitors are advised to contact Wellcome Library in advance.

For more details about the BPS's Library Collection, please contact Mura Ghosh, Psychology Librarian at Senate House:

Senate House Library,
Senate House,
University of London,
Malet Street,

Email Mura Ghosh

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7862 8449

Copies and permission to use material from BPS collections

Private study, teaching or research purposes

Images from the visual archive, sound recordings, and photocopies or PDFs of papers and other materials - subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion - can be shared for personal and non-commercial use free of charge to BPS members. For non-members, a charge may apply (to be agreed in advance), to cover administrative, reprographic and postage charges.

For visiting researchers, photocopying and scanning (subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion) is generally available free of charge however self-service copying is not available.

Materials held by our partner the Wellcome Library and Senate House, are subject to their own copying and distribution restrictions except for materials with specific conditions attached to them - as indicated in our catalogue.

Commercial purposes

Fees are negotiable with any person or organisation wishing to access and use images or other materials (subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion) for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • The reproduction of materials within a publication that is sold or distributed by a commercial organisation
  • The inclusion of materials in course packs

Copies and permission to use articles published on our website

If you wish to republish or distribute an article downloaded from our website, or if you would like to apply for any other kind of licence, please email us with full details of your request.

For all other enquiries, including events and publications, please contact contact:

BPS History of Psychology Centre,
St Andrews House,
48 Princess Road East,

Email the HoPC team

Phone: +44 (0)116 252 9587