Intergenerational Concerns into Climate Change: Psychological Perspectives

04 December 20239:30am - 4:00pmSouth West
  • Climate and environment
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Division of Clinical Psychology
DCP South West Branch
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The BPS South West Branch and DCP South West branch invite you to join us at our final Gathering event of 2023 to learn together and to consider how we can build climate awareness into our professional practice and future research.

Our three events this year on Homelessness and Climate Harm, Poverty and Climate Change and Intergenerational Concerns into Climate Change were inspired by the recent establishment of the Society’s Climate Environmental Action Co-ordinating Group

We, as Psychologists, see that our clients, friends, politicians and business leaders are all increasingly realising that climate and ecological harm present a serious threat to human health and well-being, and that we may be well placed to help people with the problems that arise from this.

The final conference in the series is intended to inspire and empower participants of all ages to address the growing impact of climate change in their own lives and in their communities. There will be 3 central presentations, with time in between for reflection and process, encouraging everyone to find direction and meaning in the struggle to raise awareness of the issue. This will include thinking of ways of helping others, both through our work and social lives, to envisage a better future for our society and contemplate actions we may take to work towards this. The conference is open to all, whether working in the field of Psychology or not.


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09:30 Arrival, Registration and Coffee
10:00 Welcome from Steve Heigham Event Lead and Dr Angela Carter, Chair of South West BPS Branch

The climate crisis, children, young people and educational psychology

Dr Dan O'Hare, University of Bristol

11:45 Comfort break

Creating a collaborative vision for a future of planetary health

Georgia King, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Southampton

13:30 Lunch

‘Intergenerational engagement for climate change resilience and mitigation’

Dr Louise Edgington, Educational Psychologist in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea (WKC) London

15:45 Closing Comments - Steve
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Dan O'Hare

Dan is an educational psychologist and professional tutor on the doctoral EP training course at the University of Bristol. He founded and runs, an online magazine for anyone interested in education and psychology.

His professional interests currently centre on communication and dissemination, and climate breakdown, children and psychology. Dan has written a number of blogs about this issue, particularly with a focus on what Educational Psychologists can do in the context of the climate crisis. Dan also authored a recent paper 'The Climate Crisis, Children, Young People and Educational Psychology'


Climate breakdown is having a range of effects on children and young people, at home and abroad. It is not an understatement to suggest that perhaps the most severe and enduring macrosystemic influence on children’s development now, and in to the future, will be the state of the planet’s climate, our vulnerability as a species to the effects of climate breakdown, and our ability to adapt or remain resilient to these changes.

Our role cannot only be about responding to difficulties that individual children may have around, ‘eco-anxiety’, we also need to consider the impact of our profession and responding accordingly. If we are to seriously tackle the climate emergency, and safeguard children’s futures, as a profession we must be bold and begin to enact real change.

Drawing on the 2022 discussion paper authored by Dan ‘The climate crisis, children, young people and educational psychology; This talk will:

  • Provide a broad overview of the research exploring the impact of climate breakdown on children
  • Explore children’s views on climate change
  • Provide a call to action for psychologists to engage properly and fully with this issue


Georgia King

Georgia King is a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Southampton who has a personal and professional determination to grow her knowledge of and capacity in social justice work and climate activism through clinical psychology training and early career research. For her these threads are all part of the same vision – planetary health. Georgia is a member of the BPS’ DCP’s Climate and Environmental Action Group.


Creating a collaborative vision for a future of planetary health

In this session we will explore story completion methodology as a means to answer difficult questions about the climate crisis for the future generations.


Dr Louse Edgington

Dr Louise Edgington is a practitioner Educational Psychologist in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea (WKC) in London. Louise runs a working group of psychologists in WKC, providing workshops, training and information to help schools and community members support young people to meet the challenges of climate change with resilience. Louise is a member of the BPS’ Climate and Environment Action Coordinating group and worked with the Climate Psychologists’ educational programme.

Independent practice:


In this session, we consider and acknowledge the anger that is often aimed at ‘older generations’. Attachment theory and ideas of trauma are used to take an intergenerational perspective to the impacts of climate change. It is argued that maintaining and repairing attachments is vital for young people’s wellbeing and resilience, as well as for the harmonious functioning of societies as a whole.

Using the ARC framework (Attachment, Regulation, Competence), there is then a practical/ group work activity where participants are encouraged to consider good practice and changes needed in order to address climate distress through intergenerational relationships.





The Queen's Court Hotel

6-8 Bystock Terrace




If you have any questions, email [email protected]

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