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Additional Careers Resources

The BPS provides a number of careers resources for schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions.

Our "Your Journey" careers booklet gives you an overview of potential psychology careers, and provides insight into issues such as how to apply for an undergraduate degree, how to find work experience, and how to become a member of the Society.

Our youtube channel contains a number of videos putting the spotlight on the different career paths which you can pursue in psychology:

Our Careers Posters provide an important visual aid and are designed to offer some insight into the various branches of psychology which are available to study.

These are all available for free download below, and we encourage educators at any level to use them to help promote psychology to their students.


The Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers lists members of the Society who are happy to give careers talks to schools and other institutions.

If you are a teacher, lecturer, or other professional involved in education, and you are interested in having a guest speaker come in to talk to your students about their career as a psychologist and different ways to get involved with psychology, why not consult the directory below?

While the The British Psychological Society does not endorse or recommend individual members and can make no statement as to the experience or competence of the individuals that appear on the directory.

Anyone who wishes to be included must have first achieved either Graduate or Chartered membership status.

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