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Education and Training Board

The Education and Training Board promotes excellence in psychology education and training.

We want students, academics and practitioners to have access to the highest quality education and training.

For more information please email [email protected]

We’ve teamed up with the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) to create a free toolkit to support your teaching.

Give your students the best introduction to the subject with resources that cover the field of psychology specially created by psychologists.

This term’s free downloads include:


  • how your students can use psychological theory to assist their memory for learning
  • how to evaluate to support extended writing


  • advice on carrying out psychology practical work during Covid-19 restrictions
  • a guide for psychology teachers on taking the fear out of maths


  • information on using pedagogical theory in psychology teaching

We would like to thank SCoPTE for the initial proposal and their contribution in getting this initiative off the ground.

Teaching Resources

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