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Support and deliver CPD

Discover how you can get involved in delivering CPD or becoming a reviewer to help maintain the quality assurance of our CPD programme.

There are several ways for our members to support the professional development of others – from delivering webinars and workshops, to working as a subject matter expert creating professional development content, to acting as a reviewer by assessing submitted proposals or reviewing draft learning design and content. 

Could you deliver a professional development session for us? 

We are seeking proposals from our members for the delivery of webinars, online workshops and in-person workshops.

Proposals should appeal to a broad range of areas of the discipline and your proposal can be on any area of psychology. 

CPD presenters will be paid a fee and expenses. 

To submit a proposal please download, complete and email a copy of the CPD Proposal Form to [email protected].

Download the CPD proposal form

You may find our CPD proposal guide useful when completing your form.

You can find out more about the different delivery methods below.

Types of CPD sessions


A web-based seminar or webinar is an online, interactive presentation, usually two hours long.

We use Zoom for webinars which are hosted by a member of staff who will also support the presenter during the webinar.

CPD presenters can: 

  • Share presentations 
  • Broadcast to participants 
  • Share delivery with other presenters 
  • Set up polls to ask participants questions 
  • Manage question and answer sessions 
  • Deliver a live or a record only session
  • Provide material for participants to download and take away with them

Participants can: 

  • Access webinars on their computer from any location 
  • Ask questions directly to the deliverer
  • Receive a recording of the webinar afterwards (if the session is recorded)
  • Receive supporting resources to help to embed and apply the learning.

Workshops can be delivered online using Zoom or can be delivered face-to-face, at our London or Leicester office. 

Online workshops are usually three hours long with a maximum of 30 attendees.

In-person workshops are usually a full day and can cater for a maximum of 36 attendees. 

CPD presenters can: 

  • Share presentations 
  • Share delivery with other presenters 
  • Use breakout rooms to split participants into small group discussions
  • Set up polls to ask participants questions 
  • Manage question and answer sessions 
  • Encourage participation
  • Use a range of tools throughout the session to embed learning including case studies, reflective exercises and experiential learning
  • Provide useful material for learner to take away from the session

Participants can: 

  • Network with other participants
  • Join breakout rooms for discussions
  • Engage more fully with the deliverer
  • Learn from other participants experiences
  • Receive supporting resources to help embed and apply the learning

You are able to submit supporting documents, tables and images when submitting your proposal.

Please note that the contents of your submission will be used in CPD promotion. 

Our proposal form will ask you to complete the following sections:


Please consider the marketing potential of your title. Keep it short but descriptive.

Business case

This section helps us to understand and assess the need and benefits of the CPD. The information will form the main part of the advertising.

This is your opportunity to 'sell' the opportunity to us and potential delegates. 

Target audience

This information will inform a decision on the potential market. Are there any pre-requisites in terms of knowledge or experience required?

Remember, our members are looking for CPD that will add value to their capability as a professional by increasing their existing knowledge and skills. 

Learning outcomes

What can attendees expect to learn?

Please provide between 4 and 6 learning outcomes for a webinar (two hours) and between 5 and 8 learning outcomes for a workshop.

Find out how to approach writing learning outcomes.

Webinar/workshop details

This section helps you to start thinking more deeply about what your CPD session may look like.

Ethics and professionalism

How will you demonstrate high professional and ethical standards in accordance with the society's Code of Ethics and Conduct when developing and delivering the session?

CPD presenter(s)

You must provide a brief biography for each CPD presenter including membership numbers.

You should also provide information on your experience of delivering participative, engaging and challenging training to peers and evidence of previous training you have delivered. 

Please note: you must contact us if there will be more than three presenters so that relevant discussions can take place. 

We are looking for members to join our pool of subject matter experts (SME) to work with us on a range of CPD development and delivery opportunities.

We welcome applications from our members with experience of designing and delivering training in academic or practice settings.

Applications from all fields of psychology are encouraged.

SMEs will be remunerated for your participation, and examples of areas you may be invited to collaborate on include:

  • Generating ideas for CPD
  • Considering training requirements of a course and supporting the preparation of a course specification
  • Providing recommendations and subject matter expertise (this may include recommending other contacts to consult with)
  • Developing course learning outcomes
  • Writing course content
  • Testing the course throughout its development
  • Delivery of online webinars and online or in-person workshops

Download the subject matter expert role description

How to apply

To apply to join our SME pool, please submit a CV and brief personal statement (max 500 words) to [email protected] outlining;

  • Your key areas of expertise
  • What experience you have in the design and development of training
  • How you have worked collaboratively in the design and development of training
  • How you have worked with the BPS in any capacity before

Feel free to browse all of the courses we currently provide by visiting BPS Learn.

If you want to discuss this more please contact the Professional Development Team at [email protected].

We are currently looking for Chartered Psychologists to act as reviewers to consult over proposals or other draft course content documents (e.g. learning outcomes, proposed course content).

Download the CPD reviewer role description

This is a voluntary role for those willing to contribute their time to the peer review process for submitted abstracts and to help maintain the quality assurance of our CPD programme.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please email [email protected].

If you are an external organisation who organises CPD activities (such as training events, conferences or online learning) then why not consider having them approved by the BPS? 

The CPD Approval Scheme is the society's model of approving programmes or events that meet our stringent ethical, professional, and practical standards. 

It enables CPD providers, including HE institutions, to have their programmes or events approved by the BPS, and offers a great opportunity to attract more delegates and gain access to our 60,000+ members through our approved CPD directory.

Please note: the CPD Approval Scheme is currently paused to new applications while we review the scheme. We will update this webpage when applications re-open.