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          • ‘I’m still the kid with the nuclear explosion inside him’

            19 February 2021

            Author Ewan Morrison on power, pain and a painted bomb… plus an extract from his new book.

            • Counselling and psychotherapy
            • Violence and trauma
          • The oceanic feeling

            08 April 2019

            Ewan Morrison’s novel Nina X is about a woman who was born and raised in a cult. We asked him about the links between mental health and his art. Includes extract.

            • Creativity
            • Mental health
          • Further reading

            20 June 2017

            A round-up of some recent book extracts we've published here, with thanks to the publishers.

          • hiroshima

            Kubo Yoshitoshi and the psychology of war and peace

            16 May 2023

            An adapted extract from 'Nuclear Minds: Cold War Psychological Science and the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki', by Ran Zwigenberg.

            • Crisis, disaster and trauma
            • History and philosophy
            • Violence and trauma