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    'We do more than put out fires'

    Chartered psychologist and NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing hub lead Joanne Jordan explains how the NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing hubs respond to emergencies and model meaningful prevention.

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    Crisis, Disaster and Trauma - Covid-19 Response

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    The DCP Mentorship Programme

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      • Collective and compassionate leadership

        17 November 2021

        An extract from 'Compassionate leadership: Sustaining wisdom, humanity and presence in health and social care', by Michael West, published by Swirling Leaf Press.

        • Leadership and teamwork
      • Dominic Raab

        Compassionate Leadership: an antidote to tyranny

        24 April 2023

        An opinion from Stephen Blumenthal and Deborah Lee.

        • Leadership and teamwork
      • Sad looking woman near cliff edge

        Working NEAR the brink

        27 March 2023

        Kat Wheatley on compassionate leadership as an antidote to burnout in Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.

        • Clinical
        • Stress and anxiety
        • Work and occupational
      • Kirstie Papworth

        'You care too much'

        26 September 2023

        Kirstie Drummond Papworth with personal take on themes from her book, 'Compassionate Leadership'.

        • Leadership and teamwork
        • Work and occupational
      • From the President, November 2020

        06 October 2020

        The latest from Hazel McLaughlin.

      • Nurse speaking to patient

        The human impact of having too few nurses

        03 July 2019

        Today's guest blog comes from Lucy Maddox.

        • Health
        • Work and occupational
      • Nobody is a superhero

        08 January 2021

        Kathryn Lloyd-Williams, with input from colleagues nationally across healthcare settings, reflects on the impact of Covid-19 for the way they work, team dynamics and more.

        • Covid
      • ‘It doesn’t have to be this way’

        01 July 2019

        Michael West, Professor of Organisational Psychology (Lancaster University Management School) and Visiting Fellow with the King’s Fund, spoke with Ella Rhodes to outline three major projects he is involved with for one of the largest employers in the world – the NHS.

        • NHS
        • Work and occupational
      • 'Compassion has a bit of a reputation problem'

        15 October 2021

        Ella Rhodes spoke to Kirstie Drummond Papworth ahead of her British Psychological Society webinar on compassion for individuals, leaders and organisations.

        • Emotion
      • Doctors felt like 'Covid cannon fodder'

        18 January 2022

        Ella Rhodes reports.

        • Health and wellbeing
      • Ashleigh Johnstone

        From academia to industry… and back again

        03 January 2023

        Ashleigh Johnstone discusses how we can better promote the movement between academia and industry.

        • Careers and professional development
        • Teaching and learning
        • Trainees and training
        • Work and occupational
      • Sustaining health and workability in a 'new normal'

        12 June 2020

        Dr Jenny Lunt (University of Derby), Professor Kim Burton (University of Huddersfield), and Alan Bradshaw (Alt-OH).

        • Covid