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Episode 18: How to boost your creativity

We learn how you can develop your creativity with practice, and try out some of the riddles psychologists use to study creative problem solving.

09 September 2019

By PsychCrunch

Can psychology help us become more creative?

Our presenter Ginny Smith learns how we can develop our creativity with practice, and discovers that our best “Eureka” moments often come when we step away from the task at hand. She also investigates how members of the public fare with the riddles psychologists use to study creative problem solving — see how you get on at home.

Our guests, in order of appearance, are: Professor James C Kaufman, an educational psychologist at the University of Connecticut and author of several books on creativity, and Dr Gillian Hill, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Buckingham and part of the CREATE research team.

Episode credits:

Presented and produced by Ginny Smith.

Mixing and editing Jeff Knowler.

PsychCrunch theme music Catherine Loveday and Jeff Knowler.

Art work Tim Grimshaw.

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Background reading for this episode:

James C Kaufman’s paper Creativity Is More Than Silly, More Than Art, More Than Good: The Diverse Career of Arthur Cropley is free to read thanks to our sponsors, Routledge Psychology.