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Qualification in Forensic Psychology (Stage 2)

Discover what this qualification could offer you in your career.


The Qualification in Forensic Psychology (Stage 2) is the independent route to training as a forensic psychologist.

A doctoral level qualification, it allows you to train flexibly within a structured and supportive framework.

This qualification is now closed to new enrolments. It will close completely on Friday 29 May 2026 to allow current candidates five years to complete. This means that all candidates enrolled on this version of the qualification will need to have completed the qualification by 29 May 2026.

Anyone who has not passed all four Core Roles by Friday 29 May 2026 will be considered to have failed the qualification. No extensions can be given.

It is therefore important that all candidates build in adequate time to their plans to allow for any personal circumstances and resubmissions, so that all work is submitted and assessed as competency demonstrated prior to the closure point.

If you are considering whether to train as a forensic psychologist, you can find information about the revised Qualification in Forensic Psychology (Stage 2) which opens to new enrolments from 1 July 2021.

If you have any questions, contact us via [email protected] or by phone 0116 252 9505.


Enrolled candidates can access all forms and supporting documents by logging into BPS Learn.

If you experience any difficulty with your access, please contact the team.

QFP Clinics

We offer a telephone service for you to speak with the Chief-Supervisor directly regarding any queries relating to the qualification.

Appointments must be made in advance by booking online.

Book an appointment with the QFP Clinic


For enrolment applications submitted from 1 January 2019.

A different fee structure applies to candidates who enrolled prior to 31 December 2014 – details of that payment structure can be sent upon request.

Re-submission fee

  • Amount: £360 (£300 + VAT) per core role
  • When: one month prior to submitting your amended work

The re-submission fee covers the cost of work carried out during the re-assessment of your portfolio.

Third party fees

In some cases additional fees may need to be paid in order to complete the qualification (supervision fees for instance).

These fees are not set by the society so we are unable to advise on what rates will be charged.

Review of fees

All fees charged by the society are reviewed annually and, therefore, are subject to change from 1 January each year.

Refund policy

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