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Career options in psychology

This page will provide you with information about your options when it comes to pursuing a professional career in psychology.

Whether you are newly qualified and looking for your first professional role, or whether you are looking to make a brand new start in a new career, the advice provided here should be invaluable in guiding you down the right path.

Because all practising psychologists must have postgraduate qualifications there isn’t a fast track route to a career in psychology.

To become a Chartered Psychologist, you will first need to gain Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) by completing an accredited degree or conversion course, and then go on to receive further training in the specific field of psychology that you want to work in.

It is important to consider that it will take at least six years to become a fully qualified Psychologist, which includes a full three year degree and three years of postgraduate training.

Please view our interactive Careers Flowchart for further information on training in different fields of psychology.

Once you are qualified the best place to start looking for your new job is via:

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a change of career.

Maybe you would like to increase your earning potential? Or you feel you chose the wrong career and would like to try something different?

Perhaps you’ve been made redundant and are looking for new options, or maybe you've simply outgrown your current role and feel it's time to move on?

Whatever your reasons, changing your career can be stressful and you should be sure that the time is right for you. Discuss this matter with friends and family and consider speaking to a professional careers advisor before making a final decision.

It is important to consider that it takes at least six years to become a fully qualified Chartered Psychologist, which includes a full three year degree and a further three years of postgraduate training (although the nature of this training will vary depending on the specific field of psychology you wish to work in).

If you already have a degree, you may be eligible to undertake a conversion course instead of undertaking another full degree programme.

To explore your options and to access further information on the different areas of psychology open to you, click here to consult our Careers Flowchart.

Or, if you want to search directly for a new job, please visit:

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