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PsyPAG Guide

Written for postgraduates by postgraduates, the PsyPAG Guide (second edition) is your guide to postgraduate study.

Support for psychology postgraduate students

The aim of the guide is to provide support to psychology postgraduate students throughout their studies.

Although many general texts are available providing often PhD-specific support, we felt strongly that a psychology-specific resource for all postgraduate students was needed.

The content provided in this guide was inspired by feedback from you, our fellow postgraduates, so we hope that it is helpful.

The guide has four sections and focuses on the journey of postgraduate psychologists: Preparation, In the midst of it, Professional development and Personal development.

Articles are largely written by psychology postgraduates, for psychology postgraduates. However, we have also included a range of post-doctoral level authors, to provide a range of experience.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Featured articles


  • Getting onto a PhD
  • Finding a suitable placement for entry into a Professional Doctorate or Stage 2 Training equivalent
  • Dealing with disappointment in the application process
  • Writing the perfect protocol and NHS ethics
  • Managing your PhD.

In the midst of it

  • Managing the second year of Your PhD: Data collection and upgrading from an Mphil to a PhD
  • Alternative funding for postgraduate study
  • Conquering the bridge: The highs and lows of doing interdisciplinary research as an early-career researcher
  • The Valley of S**t: How to cope when you reach research rock bottom
  • Facing the challenges of postgraduate study as a minority student
  • 'Is this doctorate ever going to end?' A survival guide for getting through the final stages
  • Writing for success: The thesis
  • 'Congratulations, Dr!': Surviving and thriving in your viva

Professional development

  • Getting to grips with open science
  • Science communication: Why it's important and how should we go about it?
  • Understanding the REF and TEF, and what they mean for postgraduate students
  • Writing grant applications
  • Academia and beyond: Exploring career options for postgraduate students

Personal development

  • Managing your PhD with a health condition
  • Taking care of yourself during the PhD
  • Self-care and social support during the PhD
  • Putting the PhD on pause
  • From uncertainty as a first-year student to uncertainty in the field: What to expect and how to deal with it