Jo Stace 1971–2017

22 August 2017

Jo Stace, our beloved colleague and friend, sadly passed away on Sunday 30 July 2017.  

Jo had worked as a clinical psychologist within various configurations of Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust for nearly 20 years, until recently leaving to successfully pursue her professional training and skills  elsewhere. Throughout her time with us, Jo provided care to too many patients to count. She was incredibly gifted at building rapport, and understanding the world from others’ perspectives. I suspect that this is why she achieved such outstanding outcomes in her clinical work, and why so many patients expressed so much warmth and gratitude towards her.   

A few years ago, I shared an office with Jo as her manager. As a typical manager, I was always trying to persuade her to discharge her patients. But of course Jo was always wanting to offer them just a little more. This was Jo – a seemingly never ending well of compassion, always fighting to give others more. Mostly though, our discussions would not be around the latest NHS nonsense; we were concerned with far more important matters, such as tea and cake. Both of which I sampled daily, from Jo’s never-ending and exceedingly generous supply.    

Jo was also a dedicated trainer, mentor and supervisor to staff, and was enormously valued for the expertise, guidance, and support that she ceaselessly provided. Her empathic nature with patients extended to her colleagues, and she would always be curious and compassionate about what was happening in their lives. She would not only ensure that staff received the highest quality of knowledge and skill, she would also go to great lengths to check out their wellbeing and to nurture them through the process.

As well as Jo’s family and many friends, there were countless colleagues who attended the funeral service at West Road Crematorium in Newcastle upon Tyne on 10 August 2017. Many had sent in photos or tributes to Jo, and these were put together into a tribute book which was handed to the family on the day.  

Her sister, Susi, has given us permission to forward her email address for those who wish to express their condolences: [email protected].

Donations in memory of Jo can be made to the Samaritans at:

Jo was taken from us too soon, and will be sadly missed by all who were privileged enough to know her.

With much love

Thomas Christodoulides