We bring you a collection of links to articles on the psychology of happiness.

20 March 2020

Here we bring together links to articles from across the years on happiness.

Rebuilding happiness for our times
We preview the Wellcome Collection season ‘On Happiness’, and hear from contributors Thomas Dixon, Lynne Segal and Robin Dunbar.

Searching for happiness in camp Moria

Reflecting on happiness
An Economist’s Lessons on Happiness by Richard A. Easterlin (Springer; £9.99); reviewed by Tara Dean.

Resolving to have a ‘psychologically rich’ 2022?
Emma Young digests the research.

The science of happiness
Alina Ivan listens to the BBC Sounds podcast series The Happiness Half Hour.

Neuroscience and Buddhism come together
Neurodharma (Rider) by Rick Hanson, reviewed by Dr Marilyn Aitkenhead.

How can we flourish?
For our latest Voices In Psychology competition, looking to identify and nurture new writing talent, we asked the question…

Servants to happiness
'Manufacturing Happy Citizens: How the Science and Industry of Happiness Control our Lives' by Edgar Cabanas and Eva Illouz (Polity Press; £14.99); reviewed by Isabelle Colley.

How selfish is your search for happiness?
Joe Smith on differing views over what we should strive for, and what they mean for positive psychology on the 20th anniversary of its springing to life

Work is not its own reward
An exclusive extract from The Happy Brain, the new book from neuroscientist, blogger and comedian Dean Burnett

The downsides of positivity
Kate Sweeny provides a nuanced picture of the research

Happiness then and now
Sandie McHugh and Jerome Carson describe two happiness surveys from Bolton, 76 years apart

Teaching happiness – a brave new world?
Maggi Evans on well-being initiatives and whose vision is being pushed 

Think having children will make you happy?
Think again, suggests Nattavudh Powdthavee – you’re experiencing a focusing illusion

Increasing happiness in lasting ways
Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park offer an optimistic view of the opportunities

Searching for happiness at work
Peter Warr with his framework for research and practice

Questioning the science and politics of happiness
The Midlands Psychology Group questions whether Lord Layard’s focus is all wrong. Perhaps unhappiness is one of our most precious assets? 

Happiness - stuck with what you've got?
David Lykken and Mike Csikszentmihalyi debate the impact of genetic factors on happiness

Research Digest
In later life, we become less aware of other people’s anger and fear, but remain sensitive to their happiness – Emma Young
Having a sense of meaning is less important for your happiness if you're rich - Emily Reynolds
A sad kind of happiness - the role of mixed emotions - Emma Young
People’s responses to news clips suggest there is a greater market for happy stories than journalists realise – Matthew Warren
People who use more happy words are not necessarily happier – An awkward finding for language-based emotion research – Matthew Warren
The ‘experiential advantage’ is not universal – the less well-off get equal or more happiness from buying things– Juliet Hodges
New evidence shows the calming power of reminiscing about happy times – Emma Young 
We know what will make us happy, why do we watch TV instead? – Christian Jarrett 
For people in Japan, happiness isn’t associated with better health – Emma Young
It is possible to find happiness again after major depression – Christian Jarrett