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The fresher's guide to psychology…

We link to some resources for the new intake of undergraduates.

12 September 2019

The Psychologist Guide to University Life [including animated version!] and our Guide to new University Life which considers what will be different when starting university in 2020

Our Research Digest podcast PsychCrunch has covered topics such as how to study and learn more effectively, and how to stop procrastinating. Listen now!  

How to succeed in your degree, with psychology…

‘Kill your selves’ every day
Dr Nic Hooper on students and self-stories.

"Trying to sound clever is a good way of sounding stupid"… extract from The Psychology of Effective Studying

The digitally resilient student

Advice for aspiring psychologists

Life hacks from our interviews

The journey to undergraduate psychology 

‘Dear undergraduate me’

More retrospective advice, this time from postgrads…

The ultimate psychology reading list

Welcome to your psychology degree

A practical guide to the final undergraduate year

Holly Rose Welsby on her journey through the undergraduate year

Students as academic partners

Psychological literacy – from classroom to real world

Beyond plagiarism 

Tackling sexual violence at universities

A more fluid approach to drinking

Who knows where the journey will take you?

These two revision strategies can prepare you for an exam much better than just restudying your notes

How to find your calling, according to psychology

Our online archive stretches back 35 years, and in it you will meet hundreds of psychologists to hear about their career path [spoiler alert: it's rarely a standard one]. 

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And finally, you really should consider student membership of the British Psychological Society, which is an absolute bargain!