Election news from the BPS Annual General Meeting

24 July 2019

The British Psychological Society’s AGM was held on Friday 19 July in Leicester. Here are the election results along with links to articles and interviews in The Psychologist.

Hazel McLaughlin was elected as President Elect for 2019/20 and will serve as President of the Society in 2020/21. 

Roxane Gervais was elected as the Society’s new treasurer. Read our ‘One on One’ with Roxane to find out her one inspiration, one book, one challenge and more.

Four members of the Board of Trustees were elected: 
Christina Buxton
Esther Mary Cohen-Tovee
Adam Jowett – read Adam’s article on the Freudian motivation behind 1967's Sexual Offences Act
Clifford Stott – read Clifford’s article on ‘Hooliganism’ at Euro 2016

Ruth Mann was elected as an Honorary Life Fellow. Ruth’s ‘One on One’ includes one psychology hero, one great thing psychology has achieved, and one nugget of advice for aspiring psychologists.

Five Honorary Life Members were elected:
Michael Berger – read Michael’s expanded letter on digital technologies in the NHS
Martin Fisher
Nicola Gale – read Nicola’s ‘One on One’ from when she was incoming President of the Society in 2017
Ray Miller – read Ray’s discussion on becoming President of the Society in 2006 with Tim Cornford, then-Chief Executive 
Jill Wilkinson

Read the BPS review of the year 2018 here.