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Ryan Cogley
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The day of submission

Ryan Cogley's talks about the emotions of completing and handing in academic work.

03 January 2023

I submitted you electronically, through email as a PDF.

It seemed so easy, like the difficulties of the past two years had never happened.

When I clicked send,

I forgot about my grant troubles,

the ethical issues in my study

and the difficulty in accessing an adequate sample size.

After I clicked send, I smiled at the crinkled, colourful poster I made to represent my study

it never won any competitions, but I was still proud of it,

and it satisfied the publish or perish rule that I had heard of.

I shut down my laptop after that – my eyes still thank me for this – and didn’t reopen it until now.

It’s two weeks later.

And this entire two-year journey has become but a mere story I tell.

Sometimes, it’s like it never happened.

But I’ll always remember the day I hit send and everything disappeared,

the day when my challenges didn’t matter.

About the author

Ryan Cogley is a Masters by Research student at South East Technological University, Ireland. He holds a degree in Psychology and also writes creatively. You can find out more at