Because we love you - 'appy Valentine's Day!

Some news on The Psychologist app, and a themed trawl of the archives.

12 February 2016

We love our readers - to get corny and sentimental, as the day demands, you complete us. So our gift to you on this special day is a selection of love and attraction themed pieces from the Psychologist and Research Digest archives, and some exciting news.

We think we are just a few days away from launching The Psychologist app (but if we'd waited until then to tell you, we wouldn't have been able to employ the terrible pun 'appy Valentine's Day). 

The app will be free to download, and it will provide our readers with an improved way of accessing our content on devices (Apple and Android, smartphone and tablet). Our monthly edition will be joined by the occasional 'special'. Users will be able to download editions for offline reading, search, share, and add content to a personal scrapbook. 

We hope to add multimedia content and other features to the app in future, but at the moment this is an app designed with current resources in mind. 

Members of the British Psychological Society get complete access to the app using their web log in details. Enter them by tapping on the banner when you first open the app, and then you should remain signed in and enjoy all the content as a benefit of your membership. There are links under your account settings for if you have not yet set up a web log in, or have forgotten your details. Any other problems, email [email protected].

Non-members can access all the 2015 content and three new specials, but this year's editions will be locked. They are advised to check out our various grades of membership, but app users will also be able to purchase individual editions and annual subscriptions through the various stores.

Please follow us on Twitter for the launch and links to download the app. And remember to tweet us your thoughts, or e-mail comments to the editor on [email protected].


Now on to our themed trawl of the vast and growing Psychologist and Digest archives: love, sex and relationships...

Last year, our Research Digest launched its PsychCrunch podcast on dating and attraction

In 2014, Robert Sternberg was 'searching for love'

Is love really so blind? Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham explore positive illusions in romantic relationships

Speed dating as a methodological innovation

The science of attraction

Comparing lesbian and gay, and heterosexual relationships: For love or money?

Should psychologists take lovesickness more seriously?

The psychology of O

Sex in psychological warfare

Orgasm, and more in a sex special

For when it goes horribly wrong… vengefully ever after

…There are also dozens of entries about love, sex and relationships over on our Research Digest blog, including several Valentines specials. In particular, it's worth revisiting this cautionary tale about using psychology to boost your Valentine's Day chances!

Happy Valentine's Day!