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Documents and Training Materials

Here you can access a variety of resources related to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, including key documents, training materials, and further information on narrative construction and self-help/peer support.

If you can't find what you're looking for here you can return to the main PTMF hub to browse a different section of the site.

PTMF Documents

You may also wish to cosult the PTMF Straight Talking Introduction by M. Boyle and L. Johnstone (2020), which offers an accessible overview of the PTMF and a guide to constructing PTMF narratives for yourself, or someone you are working with or supporting.

Print On Demand

Both the Power Threat Meaning Framework document and the PTMF Overview are now available to buy from online booksellers for delivery internationally.

Please note: although Amazon says 1-2 months for the Overview, we find it actually takes about 10 days, and this info will get updated soon. The Book Depository shows a shorter lead time, but they are all despatched within the same time frame.

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