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Here you can access a variety of resources related to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, including key documents, training materials, and further information on narrative construction and self-help/peer support.

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PTMF Launch Talks

Talk by Dr Lucy Johnstone, October 23, 2018

Dr. Lucy Johnstone - Metalog's 4th Conference - August 28th, 2019 - Denmark


Poet Ruth E Dixon has turned the story of her mother, Andrea, into these powerful spoken word performances, reproduced here with her permission to share. 

Madness Meds

My mum, Andrea, struggled with severe mental health difficulties throughout my life which I was led to believe was caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’. Her despair was diagnosed as a personality disorder, in fact lots of disorders, and she spent 49 years in and out of psychiatric care.

Madness Meds” charts what happened to Andrea after she first tried to kill herself aged 21. All the quotes are real. The first are Andrea’s words written to her parents as she first stepped foot in the asylum.

All I Know

Andrea lost custody of me when I was four years old and the injustice was so mortifying she attempted suicide resulting in life-changing injuries.

Tragically her story was ignored and her torment was pathologised. Her painful experiences will always be part of me but now I am also able to create a more hopeful story.

It feels immensely powerful for me to share something of the loving woman my mother was.

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