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Research and Publications

This page contains a list of completed and ongoing projects that have researched, drawn upon or are informed, by the PTMF.

The list is not exhaustive so please contact us if there are other projects that should be added, or if you are conducting research into the PTMF and would like your details added to this page.

Completed papers

Ongoing projects

  • John Cromby (University of Leicester) and colleagues are researching uptake and initial responses to the PTMF among professionals and experts by experience.
    John can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Michelle Glascott (Northumbria University) and colleagues are looking to critically investigate a co-production approach to care organisation and provision (ReCoCo- Tyneside Recovery College; an entirely peer-led recovery college) alongside an evaluation of the efficacy of the PTMF as a means of understanding distress, as experienced by the students attending ReCoCo.
    Michelle can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Nour Hadadj (University of Leicester) is using the PTMF in her research into the effects of trauma and adversity on women refugee's ability to self-organise.
    Nour can be contacted on [email protected]

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